My So-Called Life

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And it fits into this empty place in your heart

Sharon plays the tape again. SVO: "Shelley and Mitch learn to prolong their pleasure, by lingering over the basics." Sharon says, "Blah blah blah." Foreplay-cakes. "Okay, here's where they finally do it." But Angela has one more question: "So are you...different...afterwards?" Sharon says, "This is gonna sound stupid, but afterwards, I looked at myself in the mirror, just to see if I looked different. Do you think I do?" Angela says no, and they giggle, and Sharon uses the momentary closing of the gap between them to make a very truthful observation: "You should talk. To Jordan. Because you have this shut people out." Angela says, "I know," in this sad and weary and wistful way that just breaks my heart. I know an abandoned house we can go to, Angela, with like ten bedrooms. "HAS ANYONE SEEN MY TENNIS SHOES!" That's Graham, thankfully announcing his presence from far enough away that Angela and Sharon have enough time to leap off the bed, eject the tape, and kick it out of view before Graham catches them. "Um, Dad, where's that thing that mom told me to give to Sharon? To give to Camille?" Good one, Chase. Just crazy enough to work. Sharon says, "Maybe we should check your room again," and they book. Graham looks confused, much like Jordan tends to.

Outside on the street, Brian "Cheese And" Krakow is riding his bike in pathetic circles as Angela and Sharon emerge from Chase Place. They say a meaningful goodbye, and Sharon walks off. Imaginary BVO: "I wish I had a friend like Sharon. I wish I had a friend. I hate myself." Angela eyes Brian's bike. "Um," she says, but she's not talking about sex. "Danielle took my bike because she hates hers, so I...never mind." She turns away, but Brian won't let her get away with not exploiting him. "What?" he says. "I'm sorry, I was going to ask you for you bike but...forget it! I'm always doing this! I'm always asking you for stuff that's totally unfair of me to ask you for, it's like a sick habit, and just because you're polite about it doesn't mean it's right, it's wrong, and I'm never doing it again." She starts to walk away. Imaginary BVO: "If I let her ride my bike, that's almost like we'd be having sex. In a metaphorical kind of way. I'll show that Jordan Catalano with his shiny red car." Brian gets off his bike, and Angela hops onto it. "I'll have it back by tonight." Imaginary BVO: "Wait, she's probably going to see Jordan with it. I am such an idiot. No wonder I shot myself on Once & Again a few weeks ago."

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My So-Called Life




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