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So...Graham is who, Menelaus?

The restaurant space. Graham enters to find a soaked Hallie, who's acting a little weird, but Graham elects not to notice, saying that "Patty is really behind this." Yeah, we'll see how long that lasts. Hallie says she managed to get them a year's lease for ten months' rent, and she hopes she didn't pressure Graham into going ahead with this. Graham snorts that of course she pressured him, but Hallie wants him to "be honest -- I mean, people only do what they wanna do," and he wouldn't be there if he "didn't really wanna be, right?" Graham, taken aback, nods slowly. Hallie walks away, saying that Brad had a theory about Graham -- well, actually, about Hallie. "He had a theory, and he…lost it?" Graham asks, approaching her. He still has the theory, Hallie says, but she and Brad broke up. Well, Brad broke up with her, really. Graham looks worried and a little scared as Hallie talks about "taking stock" at New Year's, and he tells the back of her head, "I'm really sorry." He asks about the theory. Duh, Graham. Wake up and smell the estrogen. Hallie says she has to get over to the lawyer's or they "won't even have a lease," and runs off, stopping only to tell Graham, "You won't regret this." Graham looks unnerved, as well he should.

Mr. K's. Mr. K and Boyfriend eat dinner; there's a soft knock at the door. Mr. K gets up to answer it and finds a sopping-wet, twitching Rickie rocking back and forth in the doorway. Rickie: "Your address was in the phone book." Mr. K regards him with a mixture of relief and sadness. "I'm sorry," Rickie chokes out before breaking down: "It just got so hard to be alone." He staggers forward, and Mr. K wraps him in a hug as he sobs; Boyfriend stands watchfully in the background. Rickie cries, and Mr. K claps him on the back a few times, and we see him deciding. Then he pulls Rickie into the house, and as Boyfriend steps forward to greet Rickie, Mr. K closes the door.

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My So-Called Life




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