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So...Graham is who, Menelaus?

Hallie "The Odd Couple II" Lowenthal is helping Graham with some boxes and bitching about having to decide on the color of her wedding gown, and can't she just elope, blah blah blah. Graham says he needs to clarify something. "You're not gonna do the restaurant," Hallie half-asks, half-tells him. "No, I'm not," he answers firmly, and lists the reasons why. She says it's fine. He looks at her blankly. "What, you wanted an argument?" No, he says, but it's clear that he did. She says again that it's fine, and mentions a space that she can get "for a song"; he starts to protest, but she teases him that, now that he's "not involved," he can give her an objective opinion. She yammers on about the space -- the bronze fountain inside, the location -- and Graham shakes his head and mutters, "Hallie…" He starts to get into his car, but stops: "So, uh…does the fountain work?" Hallie shrugs elaborately. Graham shakes his head some more.

Chase living room. Danielle tries to negotiate make-up-wearing, without much success. Enter Graham with his cooking apparati; Patty comments a little too mildly, "I guess you stayed late after all." Graham apologizes; Patty fakes that it's okay. Graham too-casually says he got hung up talking to Hallie; Patty fakes an interest in how Hallie's doing. Graham mentions that he told Hallie he's not doing "the restaurant thing," and Patty exhales all relieved, "Oh, good," but when Graham shoots her a quizzical look, she has to cover it, and then there's a "that's what you wanted" "I thought that's what you wanted" "well only if you wanted to" exchange that gets interrupted, mercifully, by Rickie's appearance on the stairs. Where is he going? Home. "Whaaaat? When?" Patty asks, and she and Graham get up and walk over to Rickie, who says he's leaving now, and Tino will pick him up, and how did hollandaise go? Graham, brow furrowed, says it went fine, but "Rickie…" and Patty interrupts to ask if this is what Rickie really wants. Rickie lies that he talked to his aunt and uncle, "I mean really talked to them," and got everything straightened out, and he thinks things will work out, and he wants to thank the Chases, but his aunt and uncle "are, like, [his] family, so," and he backs towards the door. The Chases follow him, concerned, and Patty says she wants to talk to Rickie's aunt. Rickie keeps backing away, saying he knows, and his aunt "has been meaning to call, or whatever," but he thinks she's ashamed. He steps forward to give Patty a hug and to thank her, "for everything," and as Patty hugs him back tightly, he closes his eyes and rests for a second before pulling away to shake Graham's hand and slip out the door. "Bye," Graham whispers. He and Patty look at each other sadly.

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My So-Called Life




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