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So...Graham is who, Menelaus?

Neil "Rock The Boat" Chase tinkers with the stereo system while Patty broods. Neil laughs that "Graham has a little input-output confusion," but he can fix it, and Patty smarms, "Oh, thanks, Neil, that's great." He offers to explain "what the problem is," but she declines. Huh? Later, in the kitchen, Patty gets out a beer and says she guesses Graham told Neil he decided not to do the restaurant thing. She's obviously fishing as she says she's "kind of sorry about it," and about not being more supportive of the idea. Neil: "What restaurant?" Patty is surprised Graham didn't say anything about it to Neil; Neil laughs out loud at the idea of Graham "opening a restaurant, by himself." Patty continues to press, asking if Graham didn't mention Hallie; Neil denies any knowledge of Hallie. I used to think that Neil really doesn't know what Patty's talking about, and that that meant Graham had kept it a secret from Neil, which made it suspicious; watching it now, I think that Neil's just lying his ass off here because Graham shared way more with him about Hallie than he did with Patty. But it could go either way. Anyway, then Neil pretends very ornately to remember Graham mentioning Hallie, but Patty doesn't buy it; Neil checks his empty wrist and mutters something about remembering to wear a watch, and he undoubtedly wants to escape, but just then Graham comes in and starts to make an excuse before asking why Neil's there. Neil says he fixed the stereo, and does Graham want to know about the problem? No, he doesn't. Huh? Patty gives Graham a big false "hi," then says she has to go upstairs, and she leaves the kitchen, looking angrily self-righteous. Graham: "What'd you say to her?" "Nothing," Neil snips. "Why, what'd you do?" "Nothing!" Graham protests. Neil frowns. "Nothing," Graham says again, less emphatically, and leaves the kitchen.

In the hallway, Jordan gives Angela shit for signing him up for tutoring. She encourages him to give it a try. Jordan looks at the list to see who got assigned as his tutor, and reads aloud, "Brain…Krakow?" "Maybe this is a bad idea," Angela whines, and Jordan says no, it's okay: "I mean, if I'm already signed up…" Brian himself materializes behind them to eavesdrop. Jordan turns around and eyes him: "Are you…Brain?" "Brian," Brian corrects him, nodding emotionlessly. Angela smirks and walks away. The boys walk off in opposite directions.

Mr. K's class. He's got the students acting out a bit from The Odyssey, and they yell and scream; we see Rickie hanging back to the side. More yelling and screaming; Mr. K looks over, but Rickie's gone.

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My So-Called Life




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