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So...Graham is who, Menelaus?

Mr. K and Rickie meet in the guidance office. Mr. K has bad news for Rickie, but Rickie won't let him say it, thanking Mr. K for hooking him up with Pride House and saying he'd "never have gone to guidance" on his own. Mr. K looks sad, and starts to say, "Rickie," and Rickie says softly, "You called me 'Rickie.'" Mr. K nods, then rushes into the bad news, saying that Rickie's only on the waiting list at Pride House; Rickie looks dismayed as Mr. K says that that's good, but as to the "immediate problem," Mrs. Crazy has "temporarily placed you in a…facility." Rickie starts to freak, and Mr. K tries to calm him down, saying that it's not forever and that Mrs. Crazy needs Rickie to come and fill out some forms. Rickie starts to make a run for it, but Mr. K stops him: "I know that this is going to work out." "Yeah. Me too," Rickie says faintly, and race-walks out of the room. Mr. K follows him a few steps, then stops.

Chase Place. Graham is mock-fighting with Hallie on the phone about Brad's theory as Patty comes in with groceries; Patty starts to kiss Graham hello, but when he says it's Hallie on the phone, she stops, says, "Oh, tell her hi," and moves away. Jesus, Patty -- get therapy. Graham keeps talking, and Patty makes passive-aggressive comments in the background, and then Graham gets off the phone and Patty thinks she's making nice, but she's very obvious about digging for information, and Graham is equally obvious about attempting to seem forthright, and it's just painful. Patty asks if Graham is or is not going in on the restaurant with Hallie, and he says that he isn't, and she lies that it's just a question, not a criticism. Then she asks what New Year's resolutions he made. Graham lies, "Uh…exercise more." "Me too," Patty lies in return. They smile phonily at one another. Graham wanders out of the kitchen; Patty watches him go, and her face falls, and she seethes.

At the shelter, teens sleep on bare pillows with scratchy-looking blankets; pan at last to Rickie, who sits up and looks around furtively. A counselor-type guy with a reading lamp beside his bunk spots Rickie and hisses, "Hey -- hey you! Hey, I'm talkin' to you. Where you goin'?" Rickie creeps hesitantly to the doorway and looks around, biting his lip, as all around him homeless kids cough and mutter in their sleep. Rickie slips out the door.

Back door of Chase Place. A glove we don't recognize raps on the door, and Patty yells for someone to get it; Danielle peeps out, then opens the door to Mr. K and whatevers about how she can't tell who it is yet. Patty and Angela come down, and Mr. K starts to introduce himself and explain that he's looking for Rickie, but Angela interrupts all shocked to see him, and then she has to explain to Patty that he's her English teacher (Angela's, not Patty's), and Mr. K clarifies that "Enrique is not here," and Graham appears as Patty confirms that he's not there, and Mr. K says that they brought him (Rickie, not Mr. K) to a shelter last night, and Patty's all "whaaaat?" and Mr. K starts to explain again but then suggests that the girls should go to school, so Patty says, "Girls, go to school," and pushes them out the door, Angela looking perturbed and Danielle looking…like Danielle. Patty offers Mr. K some coffee, but he explodes, "No, no coffee!" and bitches Patty out for letting Rickie leave, and Graham asks who Mr. K is, anyway, and Patty tries to say that Rickie told them he had a place to go, but Mr. K bites out, "I don't care what he told you, why did you believe him?" Patty starts to cry. Graham stares balefully at Mr. K; Mr. K apologizes, and Patty wails that no, he's "absolutely right," and Graham demands, "Who are you?" as Patty continues to moan, and Mr. K introduces himself as Angela's English teacher and explains about the coffee withdrawal, and this is not how he normally acts, and Patty keeps saying all tearfully that he's right and she's felt bad since Rickie left. Mr. K asks Patty to forgive him, he had no right to point a finger at anyone, especially…he trails off, then switches tacks, calling Angela "delightful" and saying that she has "a firm grasp of language," and Graham continues to stare at him, flabbergasted. "Are you sure you don't want a cup of coffee?" Patty whimpers. "Foul temptress," Mr. K says quietly. Patty pats him on the shoulder and moves to close the door behind him. Graham is still shaking his head all "what the fuck?"

School. Sharon is boring Rayanne with yet another chapter in The Kyle Khronicles, saying that she has to tell him and blah dee blah, and she doesn't want to be the kind of person that uses people, or she'll wind up like Rayanne, "no offense." "None taken," Rayanne shrugs, then yells down the hall to Kyle that "Cherski here's got somethin' to tell ya." "Shut up!" Sharon hisses, but it's too late -- here's Kyle, muddied stuffed bear in hand: "I found it hanging from a urinal." Heh. They need to talk, Sharon says, but Kyle talks right over her, saying that he rented a video and he thought they could watch it together; Sharon tries to break in, but Kyle describes the movie some more, and when it becomes evident that he's rented Thelma & Louise, Sharon vamps, "How 'bout seven-thirty?" "Fantastic," Kyle mouth-breathes. Whaaaaatever.

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My So-Called Life




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