My So-Called Life

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Angela, Rayanne, and Enrique by her locker. Brian by his locker. Jordan and Idiot Friends by his locker. Buffalo Tom sings. I close my door at night, but she gets in all right, so I turn on the light. Jordan walks over to Angela. I held her hand too tight, too hard to make it right, so I could sleep at night. Jordan's almost there. If I could hold them in my hands, I'd make them understand, I'm not a haunted mind, I'm not a thoughtless kind. Jordan is by Angela's side. He speaks. "Can we...awkward pause...go somewhere?" Angela says, "Sure."

And he takes her by the hand. And they walk down the hall.

I'd do it if I could. I hope you know I would.

Sharon calls out, "Angela, wait. Don't forget. The Geometry review." Rayanne laughs, "Forget it. She already did." The happy couple walks, hand-in-hand, down the hall. Everyone watches. Enrique. Brian. Slow-mohair.

And dance by the light of the moon.

Next time: Will Angela give it up? Will Graham start a restaurant? Will Key Grip survive Boston Public for long enough to get his last MSCL recap finished?

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My So-Called Life




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