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Outside school. Later. Rickie is explaining to Rayanne "3-D Extruded Bar" Graff why he must transfer out of his English class (which is, so she says, also her English class, though she wasn't there, which Rickie thankfully points out, or I would have simply gone insane from lack of continuity). Anyway, Rickie says, "He acts like he's this really nice guy, when clearly he's not. Also, he takes these unbelievably long pauses, like -- okay, this is him: 'I'm Mr...uh...Katimsky. This is a sonnet by William...uh...Shakespeare, who is almost as boring as me, Mr...uh..." It's a good impression, down to the hand gestures, even if the pauses aren't nearly long enough, but guess who's standing right behind Rayanne. No. No. Okay, you get one more guess. No. You suck at this. It's Mr. Katimsky. That's right! And Rickie was just making fun of him while he was right there! What are the chances!? Rayanne runs away, which looks unhelpful until you consider that anything Rayanne is likely to say would only make things worse. Mr. Katimsky asks to talk to Rickie. Actually, he says, "Can I..." Mountains erode. The oceans rise. Whole branches of evolution flourish and are wiped out. I'd use the "Awkward Pause" joke, but these silences are not so much awkward as they are endless. "...speak to you for a moment?"

"He actually asked me if I would consider joining Drama Club." Rickie has found Rayanne again who has somehow, during her sprint down the path of least resistance, acquired Chinese food. Rickie's still talking, "He must have, like, no life." Rayanne, the best friend one could hope for, says, "So? Neither do you." Rickie continues to protest too much about how much he dislikes all things Katimsky, and then asks, "Where did you get Chinese food?" He's just all over all the plot holes, ain't he? Rayanne says, "Two words: Tino." I'm not satisfied with this explanation, but Rickie is, and I'm stuck out here on the other side of the screen. Then, the conversation turns to Angela and her boiler room escapades: Rickie approves of the Hunkburger, but Rayanne is skeptical. We know she's skeptical, because she says, "We'll see."

Chase Place. Patty comes in to find Graham and Danielle hard at work at the kitchen table. They totally ignore her when she comes in. Heh. Graham, it turns out, is boning up on cooking terms, in preparation for his first intermediate cooking class with Stefan Dieter (you know, the guy from that show, Stefan's Kitchen, who may or may not be dead). Graham frets, "What's intermediate? What if I'm not intermediate? What if I'm not intermediate enough?" At this point, because it's in the script, Danielle says, "What's mediocrity?" Graham tells her to look it up. Angela enters, grinning from ear to ear, hugs and kisses both her parents, responds pleasantly to their questions, and heads on upstairs. Graham and Patty are both, understandably, spooked. Patty: "I refuse to panic just because she's happy." Graham: "Although it's alarming." Patty: "Although it's terribly alarming."

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My So-Called Life




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