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AVO: "Every night I make the same vow: that tomorrow I will go to Geometry Review. But every day..." And there's smooching. AVO: "We barely talked. So when we did, it came out sounding really meaningful." Angela: "There's a tiny leaf in your hair." Jordan: "Where?" Existentialism. More smooching. Jordan: "Was that your stomach, or my stomach?" Ontology. Angela: "Your cuticles look like little moons." Jordan: "My what?" Angela: "Your cuticles." It's a frigging haiku. Somebody tell Ikaika's brother on Making the Band. Also, he doesn't know what cuticles are? Jesus. Suddenly, the bliss is interrupted by one of Jordan's jerk friends yelling, "Catalano!" down the stairs into the boiler room. And here comes the most "meaningful" exchange of the afternoon. Jordan: "The fact that we come here, let's keep it, like, our secret." Angela: "Why?" Jordan: "No reason." Epistemology. Jordan leaves, too-cooling his way down the hall, appeasing his jerk friend by shoving him and referring to Angela as, "Just a girl," and also, "Nobody," and, in addition, "Shut up." Angela watches him leave, hurt. I guess this is what Rayanne meant by, "We'll see." Wow, she's sharp when she's sober.

My So-Called High. Geometry class. AVO: "My whole life became, like, divided. Into kissing and not kissing. Kissing. And not kissing." To illustrate this, we alternate between shots of Angela kissing, and Angela not kissing (although, when she's not kissing, she's clearly thinking about kissing). The Math teacher is saying, "If you received less than a seventy on this quiz, you should be attending my fifth period review sessions" AVO: "In Geometry, I felt like a criminal. I missed every review session. So I tried to be invisible. It's surprisingly possible; you just sit in the back, and keep quiet, and let the boys shout out the answers. Which they will. Even if they're wrong. Boys are less afraid of being wrong." Angela gets a fifty-nine on the quiz. One seat to her left, the female half of the African-American couple we remember from earlier gets a ninety-eight. Just then, her worse half shows up and laments, "Man, I can't believe I have to go this review thing. Why couldn't I have gotten four more points? Then I would have had a seventy. So, how about you? How'd you do?" For no good earthly reason, the girl says, "Sixty. I guess I'll see you at review."

Just then, the Math teacher chimes in with, "Abyssinia? Keep it up." Sin quickly puts her hand over the score on her paper and covers, better than Angela or Brian Krakow would: "She's just always trying to make me feel better or something." As they leave, the clueless boyfriend helpfully offers to give Abyssinia the key to wisdom that resulted in him getting those six extra points on the quiz. Sin pretends to be grateful. Angela can't escape from the room unscathed: "Angela Chase. How do you expect to pass your midterm?" Angela is sorry. "Sorry won't cut it! I want to see you at tomorrow's review session. Clear?" Angela slinks away. Because she knows she cannot resist Moron Lips.

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My So-Called Life




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