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The Only Bathroom At School. Rayanne is checking out her hair in the mirror, and she says, "Rat it, spray it, tease it, freeze it, spike it, shave it, or shove it?" The only one I'm not sure about is the first one. Anyway, Sharon emerges from a stall and says, "Excuse me. Have you ever been to a class?" Rayanne: "Excuse me. I was addressing myself." Yeah, let's talk about that, shall we? Is she still in counseling? Good. Just before heading out the door, Sharon turns back and says, "So what's the deal? With Angela and Jordan Catalano?" Rayanne demurs, but Sharon is persistent: "Are they, like, a couple?" Rayanne, who is performing one of the above-mentioned operations on her hair (I'm not sure which one), replies, "From the point of view of what I believe, or the point of view of what she believes?" Sharon wants the point of view of reality, and Rayanne says, "What do you think?" When Sharon says she things Angela could really get hurt, Rayanne says, "Tell me something I don't know." So, basically, Rayanne adds no actual information to this exchange. She could have been just as useful without ever having heard of Angela or Jordan Catalano.

Just then, Angela comes into The Only Bathroom At School to find her best friend and her ex-best friend deep in conversation about...something...why are my ears so red hot? "Don't you have French this period?" Angela is presumably talking to Sharon, because lord knows she's not surprised to see Rayanne cutting class. Sharon says, "You should talk. Why are you never at a Geometry review?" Rayanne says, "Ange-li-kaaa!" in this cutesy, suggestive tone that not-at-all gives on the impression that she is at all concerned. Sharon says, "We're, like, concerned." Angela is incredulous: "Why, because I cut a few Geometry reviews? What, you guys, like, discuss me now?" Sharon and Rayanne reassure Ange-li-kaaa by asserting forcefully that they are not friends, but Chase still refuses to discuss Jordan Catalano. Sharon reveals that she knows about Jordan's Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy about the smooching, and Angela seems mildly irritated as well as slightly bemused. Hey, sue me -- Claire Danes can convey subtle shades of emotion, all right? "Look," says Rayanne, "They only reason we talk like this is because we care about you. When I was drinking and drugging, you wanted me to stop. As my friend." Angela says, "Wait, you're comparing me making out with Jordan Catalano to you getting your stomach pumped?" Rayanne and Sharon are mystified that Angela cannot see the connection which is, as Sharon yelps, "Self-respect!" High-five between Cherski and Graff. More wisdom from her pals (Who is he? Who is he to, like, treat you like this? What, you're not cool enough to be seen with him? Right, and she's not slutty enough for him to just do it with, and brag to his buddies. You deserve so much better). Angela's all, "Just because he's not Kyle, and doesn't parade down the halls with me, holding hands." Rayanne says, "What is holding hands? I don't get it. What are hands? It's not even an arrow-genus zone." I'm trying to convey her mispronunciation there. "It's 'erogenous,'" says Sharon, "and it is to me." Anyway, Angela's ready to book. "You're both wrong," she says. I don't know what that means, but whatever. Then she lies, "And if he doesn't want to be seen with me, then why did he ask me to meet him Friday night at Pike Street, to hear Buffalo Tom? Not that I can even go. I have too much Geometry." Sharon says she'll go, because she likes Buffalo Tom, and the other girls give her this look like, "How did someone as lame as you hear about Buffalo Tom?" "What?" says Sharon, "I do! I am sick of being perfect. I broke up with Kyle. I have a total right to screw up my midterms." Rayanne drags Angela out of The Only Bathroom.

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My So-Called Life




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