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Chase Place. Angela is sprawled out on the couch. AVO: "There's something about Sunday night that really makes you want to kill yourself. Especially when you've just been made a fool of by the only person you'll ever love, and you have a Geometry midterm on Monday, which you still haven't studied for, because you can't, because Brian Krakow has your textbook, and you're too embarrassed to even deal with it. And your little sister's completely finished with her homework, which is just, like, so simple and mindless a child could do it." Danielle, at the kitchen table: "Mom, Dad, I finished my report on crustaceans!" AVO: "And that creepy 60 Minutes watch that sounds like your whole life ticking away." Patty comes in and gushes all over the crustaceans report. She tries to get Angela to gush, too, but she's too busy hating herself for having been Buffaloed, as it were.

Stefan's Kitchen. The drunken lout is in absentia, and the natives are restless. "Listen," says the Loud Lady to Graham, "can I ask you a question?" She's talking quietly, so we know it's going to be important. Graham says she can. "It's about risotto." Graham pretends not to be disappointed that she didn't just proposition him.

Chase Place. Patty is asking the still couch-bound Angela if she has her Geometry midterm tomorrow. Angela claims to be ready. "I think I'm going to call Brian Krakow, and maybe we can quiz each other." Patty thinks this is a wonderful idea, which it would be if it weren't based on lies and ridiculous circumstances. "I'm so happy you didn't inherit my math block," says Patty, "I was also so terrible at math, and it affected my whole life, and I was afraid I was going to pass it down to you girls, like a bad chromosome or something." Heh. Angela goes upstairs to summon Brian out from the Sanctum Krakonium.

Knock-knock. Brian's at Chase Place. That was fast. But he's all angry: "I don't believe you. You're in some dream world or something that revolves around you. You have, like, no concept of anybody else's life." No awkward pauses in there. None in here either: "You couldn't begin to imagine the pressure I'm under. You think you're under pressure? You? That is so, like, laughable." Angela concedes all of these points, and wants help with Geometry anyway. "Are you insane?" She concedes this point as well. "Do you have any idea how much studying I have to do tonight? Have you ever even heard of Calculus? Geometry is a paid vacation compared to Calculus." And so on. "You have the option of insanity! I do not! And that -- makes me crazy!" In short, no help with Geometry for Angela. Brian leaves. Imaginary BVO: "Why did I do that? There go my chances with her. I'm such an idiot. Jordan Catalano is probably, like, totally nice to her all the time. Or whatever."

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My So-Called Life




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