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People get so stressed over this holiday stuff!

Elsewhere in the hallways, Brian Krakow is complaining to Sharon about Christmas. "Everyone talks about it like it's the Second Coming, or something." Sharon, follows Brian to his locker. Her Christmas-ornament earrings swing furiously as she starts yapping about how this is the time of year that people need the help line. "People get so stressed over this holiday stuff! They experience actual symptoms of depression, or whatever! Like, total hopelessness and despair!" Brian rolls his eyes. "And like, loss of appetite, or whatever!" Sharon yelps. Then she offers him a Christmas cookie. "Not hungry," says Brian. Did you catch that? Heh. Sharon whines some more about how she promised the help line supervisor and then puts her burgundy Guess?-brand ankleboot-clad foot in her mouth by telling Brian "You are the only one I can ask. It's Christmas Eve. People have, like, plans --" Way to spread the joy, Cherski. Brian starts practically yelling: "Oh, except me, huh? I know -- 'Get Brian, he never has any plans.'" Krakow begins walking off down the hall with his trademark March Of The Social Retard gait. "Happy holidays," he says bitterly, his voice breaking a little. Aww, Brian.

Time for another segment of Girls' Bathroom Theatre. Enter Sharon. Rayanne is sitting on sink, stage left. Sharon begins bitching about how "Brian Krakow completely just screwed me over." Rayanne jokes that she and Brian "slept together once," and Sharon, who's gullible as only someone wearing a complete ensemble of Christmas accessories could be, almost believes it. Sharon starts blathering about the Teen Help Line dilemma and rants about her holiday stress: "I am, like, so overextended…" Blah blah blah holiday baskets for the nursing home blah bibbity blah two million presents to wrap blah blah bling fifty thousand social events blah blah blah figgy pudding. Sharon thinks Rayanne is a pretty good listener. Rayanne says it's because she always listens to her mom rag about her problems; then she mutters about her mom's new boyfriend who's staying with them and how she can't stand it. "I may just as well go be somewhere else for Christmas," she says. "Like they'd notice." A little red holiday light bulb goes on over Sharon's head: "I know where you could be on Christmas!"

Angela's sneaking around the hallways between class periods to put a note in Rickie's locker. She hears a guitar playing in the distance and a Juliana Hatfield-ish voice singing, and she goes to find where it's coming from. "Deep in the night…" sings the voice. Angela goes to the door of a deserted music room where the Raggedy Girl Who Looks Strangely Like Juliana Hatfield is singing and playing her guitar. Close-ups of her fingerless gloves, dirty jeans, and worn boots that may or may not be ragamuffin grunge. Raggedy Girl continues to sing the song that will henceforth be known as The Song That Makes Our Throats Close Up With A Sadness That At First Seems Inexplicable Until We Remember The Rest Of The Episode And Then We Almost Lose It:

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