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People get so stressed over this holiday stuff!
echoes through the warehouse, and gets clearer as Angela goes up some stairs and down a hallway. Finally she comes upon Raggedy Girl sitting on her mattress strumming her guitar:

Open a window, let in the sun…cold is all I know,
Go to the fire, stir it around,
There's really no place for me to go…
So make it, make your waaay home…

Angela stands and watches, on the verge of crying. This automatically pushes me onto the verge of crying. The freaky thing about this show is, I'd cry over sweater lint if I saw Angela Chase crying over it first. To summarize: Angela nearly crying = me nearly crying. Factor in the Pavlovian tear-inducing effect of the Juliana Hatfield song and I think you'll understand how I'm being emotionally bitch-slapped here.

Raggedy Girl finishes the song. Angela smiles hard to cover her tears: "Oh -- hi again." Raggedy Girl doesn't say anything, just leads Angela to a door to another room. Angela goes in and sees Rickie sleeping on a mattress. She gently nudges him awake. He wakes up and freaks out. "What are you doing here?!" Angela asks Rickie what happened to him. "Nothing!" Rickie snaps. "Then why can't you go back home?" she asks. Rickie doesn't say anything. "Okay, come on, you're staying at my house," says Angela, helping him up, but Rickie says he doesn't want to sponge off her family. "Angela, your parents don't want me around!" Rickie shouts. "That's not true!" Angela protests. "Rickie, please…Rickie, you can't be here. Tomorrow's Christmas Eve." "You'd think I'd stay here for Christmas?" says Rickie, incredulously. "I'm going to my cousin's tomorrow." He tells Angela to go home. "They're going to start wondering where you are. I mean, face it, you don't belong here," he says, bitterly. Angela tells him he doesn't belong there either. "I CAN'T talk about this!" Rickie shouts. "Not with you. If you want to help me, leave me alone!" He turns away. Angela walks out dejectedly. Back in the room, Rickie fights back tears. Everyone fights back tears.

Angela sees Raggedy Girl asleep on her mattress. She sits on a crate nearby and stares at Raggedy Girl's old boots. Then she takes off her own new boots and sets them down next to the mattress. She tiptoes off, carrying the old boots.

Chase house. Angela comes home. She quickly kicks off the old boots in the hallway and drops her coat over them. "Angela, is that you?" calls Patty. Angela walks into the living room where Graham, Patty, Danielle and Brian Krakow are putting the finishing touches on the tree. Patty's all about the matchy-matchy ornaments. We figured. "We saved you the angel," says Danielle, handing it to her. Actually, they usually have a star on top, but Symbolism went shopping for the Chases this year. Angela puts the star on the tree and mumbles that she lost track of time. "So will you call next time, please, if you're going to stay out this late?" says Patty. "I know, I'm sorry," says Angela. "Rickie's fine, by the way." Graham and Patty go off to start dinner. Brian saunters over and asks casually what was wrong with Rickie. But both he and his argyle sweater manage to get "casual" wrong by a pretty long shot. "Excuse me, but why are you here?" asks Angela, snottily. "Excuse me, your dad asked me to help. With the tree," says Brian. He asks more sincerely if Rickie's okay. Angela sits down. "If I tell you, will you promise not to blab it to everyone?" Brian promises.

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My So-Called Life




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