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People get so stressed over this holiday stuff!

"Oh, my God," says Patty. She looks over at the bulletin board, which is covered with missing children flyers. She starts hearing voices: "Dear God, please help me. I have nowhere to go." The camera pans over the black-and-white photos until it stops on a photo of a girl that we recognize as The Raggedy Girl Who Looks Strangely Like Juliana Hatfield. The flyer reads: "If you have any information on this girl's whereabouts, please contact The Blake Babies." Patty looks at it for a long time, obviously thinking that the girl is a lot like Angela. Finally, Graham nudges her: "We should go." They turn to leave. "Thanks for being good citizens," says Officer O'Crusty. Then he adds, "You got a daughter, you said?" Patty turns back. "Yes," she says. "You keep her close, okay?" says Officer O'Crusty, less crustily. "Okay," says Patty. "Merry Christmas," mumbles Officer O'Crusty.

Chase House O' Holiday Cheer. Patty comes home and nags Danielle to set the table, but Danielle says that Angela's doing it. Patty goes into the dining room and does that Ecstatic Mom thing at the sight of the set table, then looks at the extra place settings and points out to Angela that nobody else besides the four of them will be there this year. "I know," says Angela. "Mom, I really want to do this, okay? Please say it's okay? I want to bring Rickie and that girl over here for Christmas Eve dinner…Mom, this girl has the most amazing voice. Seriously, wait till --" Patty interrupts: "Angela, listen, you cannot go back to that place." Patty admits that she and Graham overheard her talking to Brian. Angela flips: "Oh my God, you didn't -- did you call the police or something? Mom, don't you realize, we have to do something! We have to warn them!"

Patty puts her foot down and starts doing some serious enunciation: "You. Are. Not. Going. Back. To. That. Place," she says. "This is a serious matter." "I know that!" Angela cries. "Why do you speak like this to me -- like I'm a child?" Patty: "This girl, whoever she is, has serious problems!" Angela: "You haven't even talked to her! This girl…she could be me!" "OH, DON'T SAY THAT!" shouts Patty. It's really frightening how this hits a nerve with her. It's like her inner Martha Stewart has gone into a rage and is waving her glue guns like crazy. "She couldn't be you!!! How could you say that?" Angela backs off. "Because it's true," she says. Angry silence. Angela puts away the extra plates. Patty just stands there in shock.

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My So-Called Life




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