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You looked under Hallie Lowenthal's hood?

Back at Bondage Bungalow, Rickie and Angela strip the sheets out from under Rayanne, and Rayanne looks thoughtful for a moment before asking Rickie to excuse them -- she needs to talk to Angela alone. Rickie warily says sure and leaves. Rayanne says she knows she and Angela "aren't that close right now," and that's a massive understatement if ever I've heard one, but Angela cuts her off before she gets any further: "Look, I don't wanna get into this right now." Rayanne, feigning ignorance: "Get into what?" Angela, tears in her voice, says she doesn't want "some big discussion" about what happened with Jordan, "because the truth is is that it happened, and nothing can change that. I don't wanna talk about it." "Neither do I," Rayanne says. "Oh," Angela says. Awkward pause. "So why'd you ask Rickie to leave?" Rayanne has to pee. Angela makes an "uch" of loathing. Rayanne asks Angela to get her "a jar." "I can't believe you," Angela sighs.

In their room, Patty folds clothes; the handcuff key falls out. She stares at it just as Graham walks by and asks about it, and she cringingly admits that, in addition to the green negligee, Camille also lent her handcuffs. Graham is titillated, and asks where they are, but Patty says she didn't actually bring them; Graham unsuccessfully pretends not to be disappointed, and Patty asks if she should have, and Graham lies that it's fine, and there's a bit of uncomfortable back-and-forth about how it might have been kind of, well, you know, uh huh, right.

Master bedroom. Everyone's ranged around the bed and the floor, lollygagging. Angela repeats once again that the cuffs don't belong to Patty and Graham. Sharon: "Of course not." Rickie: "Never." Hee hee! Rayanne wails that she can't take "much more of this," and asks for suggestions on getting free; Sharon suggests availing themselves of Brian Krakow, an idea Angela greets by moaning "no" repeatedly. Ready for the next Cut O' Wackiness?

Brian, amused, from the bedroom doorway: "Oh my god." DVO moons that, when Brian walked in, "part of his arm touched [her] shoulder." Brian goes over to investigate, and when he touches her wrist, Rayanne crabs at him, "Gentle!" After looking it over, Brian says that it's simple: "I mean, a child could get her out of this." Seeing Danielle gazing lovingly at him, he blanches and looks away, then announces that they need wire shears, which any dad has. Well, not his dad, but "a normal dad." Danielle says flatly that Graham doesn't have wire shears. Brian says that they can just pick up a pair at the hardware store on Monday, then. "Great -- Monday. Perfect," Rayanne sighs. Everyone else looks blank.

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My So-Called Life




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