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You looked under Hallie Lowenthal's hood?

It's the middle of the night. Rayanne, still cuffed to the bed, looks like she's sleeping, but when Danielle appears in the doorway, Rayanne calls out to her to come in -- she's "too bored to sleep." She tries to bribe Danielle to bring her something from the liquor cabinet, "anything brown. I'll give you a dollar." Danielle shakes her head smugly, saying that "it's wrong to drink." Rayanne tells Danielle she has "a real miserable side to" her. Yeah, no kidding. Danielle says that her parents say Rayanne's "a bad influence," and she's overheard them talking about the things Rayanne does: "Why do you do 'em?" Rayanne doesn't know. Danielle regards her with interest, and Rayanne goes on that she sees herself in slow-motion and she thinks to herself that "something has to happen -- only it never does. So I have to make it happen." Danielle thinks that over and says in an admiring tone, "Wow." Then she finds a box of Cracker Jacks on the bed and passes them to Rayanne, saying encouragingly, "They're brown." "That they are," Rayanne grumps, taking the box.

The next morning. Patty blearily comes to, making smacking noises with her mouth. Kudos to the make-up artist, because that's exactly how I looked, and felt, this morning myself -- smeared mascara, cracked lips, swollen eyelids, the works. Sexy, eh? From Patty-cam's perspective, we see Graham packing a suitcase. Graham leans into the frame and sing-songs, "Good morning, sunshine!" Patty squints at him as he adds sourly, "Oh, by the way -- we've been asked…to leave." Patty lifts her head an inch off the pillow, winces, groans, and plants her face back down. Heh. I heard that.

Angela rounds a corner and stops when she sees Danielle and Rayanne spooning on the bed, fast asleep. Expressionless, she watches them for a moment.

Everyone meets up in the B&B hallway; Sheryl and Neil pause as Patty, wearing a large pair of dark glasses, apologizes for her behavior the previous evening. Graham grimaces rudely and takes their bags downstairs. Patty adds that she's also sorry for not giving Sheryl "a fair chance." "To do what?" Sheryl grunts, popping her gum. Patty, momentarily at a loss, recovers by suggesting that the four of them get together after they get back. Neil mumbles that he and Sheryl have decided to "keep things casual," and Sheryl snorts that they have not -- they broke up because Neil doesn't want to see her anymore. Patty is flummoxed as Sheryl goes on that she got out of the shower that morning to find Neil on the phone with Marla. And here's one of my favorite lines in the series as Sheryl muses, "I guess it was partly my fault. I take really short showers." Sheryl stomps away after shooting one more glare at Neil. Patty and Neil look at each other.

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My So-Called Life




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