My So-Called Life

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You looked under Hallie Lowenthal's hood?

Before the usual end credits, we see footage of the fishing show as Patty says that "this isn't funny" and Graham laughs and looks in vain for the key. Then we hear Patty bitching at Graham as he starts watching the fishing show and saying stuff like "that's a keeper" as the guys in the boat haul in a big one. "I don't believe this…I don't believe this," Patty mutters. Graham says that they need wire shears, and that Bob Krakow would have them (geddit?), and Patty begs him not to leave, or at least not to leave without handing her the remote first, but Graham takes off for next door and Patty's stuck watching the fishing show. Fade to black, and more narration from the fishing show, with Snuffy Walden's noodlings layered over it.

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My So-Called Life




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