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You looked under Hallie Lowenthal's hood?

Uh oh. It's the next morning, and Angela opens the door to find Rayanne, who immediately starts yammering about how Mr. K said Rickie slept over and Rickie owes her six-fifty and she needs it and Tino's got this thing and blah, and she's fidgeting the whole time. Angela regards her silently until she trails off, then says icily, "He's upstairs." Rayanne bolts past her, and Angela watches her go with a stare of dull hatred.

Upstairs, Rickie's on the phone to Mr. K, saying he'll be home the next night for dinner; Rayanne comes in hesitantly and blusters that she needs that six-fifty Rickie owes her. As Rickie points out diffidently that that was, like, four years ago, Rayanne pitches herself onto the Chases' bed and burbles that she wouldn't mind spending some time there with "someone special," and adds that she "love[s] sex on a different bed." Rayanne has had sex in a bed…ever? Whatever -- Rickie asks if Angela knows Rayanne's there, and Rayanne sneers, "She knows. God." Rickie nods all "okay, okay, don't bite my head off." Rayanne looks away and asks if he's coming out with her that night. "Rayanne, I told you, I'm, like, here this weekend." Rayanne, not meaning it: "That's cool." Rickie looks sad. Rayanne asks if Angela, like, asks about her. Rickie's like, "Oh, please, don't start," and Rayanne sees that look on his face and nods to herself. Just then, she finds the handcuff box under a pillow. Rickie, in a desperate tone, tells her to put it back, but of course she opens it, gasps, and says gleefully, "All right Graham!" Heh. "This answers a lot of questions about those two," Rayanne exults, and latches one of the cuffs onto her wrist. Rickie rushes around the other side of the bed to stop her, but she's all into role-playing as Patty and yelling at Graham that "that dinner you prepared just -- wasn't tasty enough!" as she latches the other cuff onto the headboard. She lies back on the bed all "I've been bad -- punish me," and Rickie snaps that "this is, like, so unfunny" and starts looking for the key. Rayanne's cracking herself up. "Where'd you put the key?" Rayanne stops laughing. Rickie's tossing the bed, looking for the key. Rayanne: "Wh-what?" Rickie "can't believe this" and leaps off the bed to go back around to Rayanne's side, and Rayanne is all, "Vasquez, calm yourself, it's gotta be around, we'll find it," and she's writhing around with one wrist pinned to the headboard, and that's Angela's cue to walk in on Rickie and Rayanne, who both stop dead and stare at her, utterly and completely busted. Angela just stares back, unable to comprehend what's happening. Rayanne, suddenly modest, tugs her dress down and says, "It looks like I might be staying…a little longer…than I thought." Rickie smiles all "it's not so bad, right? Don't kill me." Angela's like, "Oh, for fuck's sake." We fade to commercial.

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My So-Called Life




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