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You looked under Hallie Lowenthal's hood?

Back from the break to the hotel, where Patty's whispering on the phone to Camille, saying that everything's fine, but could Camille go over and check on the kids? And while she's there, well, Patty left "those…handcuffy things" on the bed, and could Camille pick them up? Graham comes in and asks what's going on just as Patty hangs up the phone, and she claims unconvincingly that she just called Camille to check on the girls, and everything's fine. Graham's like, "Whatever."

Downstairs at the breakfast buffet, Sheryl and Neil argue over "distorted ideas" and how Sheryl's "entitled to [her] beliefs." Graham and Patty stand awkwardly behind them with plates full of eggs, waiting for a break so that they can sit down. It doesn't come, so they sit down anyway, and as it turns out, they're fighting over whether the 1971 Pirates can be considered one of the great teams. I so seldom say it about this show, but -- like, ha ha. Not. Patty changes the subject by suggesting that they go ice-skating. Sheryl's like "ooh" in a good way, and Graham's like "ooh" also but in a cringe-y bad way, and Patty keeps trying to sell them on hiking to a frozen pond, and Neil takes a page from my "physical activity…on vacation? Um, no" book by chuckling that maybe they should play it by ear, but Patty's on a roll, babbling about their limited amount of time there and how they should plan carefully to get everything in, and Neil and Graham demur, but Sheryl thinks it's "a cute idea" and squeals that Patty's so cute (ohh-kay), and they bully the guys into doing it. Once she's gotten her way, Patty smilingly announces that "we are going to have…so much fun." Uh huh. Right.

Back at Chase Place, Angela bitches at Rayanne for not having the key to her own handcuffs. Rayanne says they're not hers, Angela's like "yeah, right," Rayanne says they belong to the Chases, and Rickie takes that opportunity to duck under the bed. Heh. Angela: "What?" Rayanne: "I found them right here, on the bed!" Angela, horrified: "They were not!" Angela looks at Rickie, who nods all "it's true, and I'm so very sorry." "Those things do not belong to my parents," Angela splutters. Behind her, Danielle comes into the room and clambers onto the bed, and Angela orders her out. Danielle ignores her. Angela squalls at Danielle that Patty "left [her] in charge," but Danielle snots, "Duhhhh," and says she's not leaving: "I live here." No need to remind us. We know. Every episode, we know. Also, shut up, Danielle. Angela, on the verge of tears, whines at Rayanne and Rickie that "there's gotta be a key -- find it," tells Danielle that she'll explain later, and huffs out of the room. Danielle peers at Rickie and Rayanne, who huddle together on the bed and smile comfortingly, trying to hide the handcuff from her.

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My So-Called Life




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