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On the stairs, Angela holds forth about returning a top she got as a gift after thirty days and should she get a refund and "is that justice" and on and on and on. For some reason, the writers expect us to believe that Camille as written thus far in the show would have bought Angela's line for even a second, because the Cherskis have pulled up chairs, and they both sit there, looking bored, as Angela rambles on. Finally, Camille gets up and heads up the stairs, Angela backing up the stairs ahead of her and continuing to babble more and more desperately. Sharon cocks an eyebrow and asks if she's talking about "that lavender top" she got Angela for her birthday. Angela, distracted by an element of reality, makes a face: "No." Sharon continues that if Angela doesn't like the top, she really doesn’t care and should just tell her, but Angela's like, "No, I like the top," and as Camille passes her on the way to the bedroom, she shouts, "No -- wait, please, don't go in there!" and runs after Camille and throws herself against the bedroom door in Camille's way. Camille's like, "Enough already," moves Angela aside, and opens the door; Sharon follows her in, and Angela slumps.

Inside, Rayanne lies in bed, moaning dramatically. Danielle sits at Rayanne's head, holding a cloth to her forehead, and explains that "Rayanne's not feeling very well." Rickie shoots Angela a "just go with it, okay?" look. When Camille sits on the bed beside her, Rayanne calls for water and stares pointedly at Angela, who gasps and starts laughing uncontrollably, which prompts Rickie to leap off the bed and say, "Oh my god, I think she's choking." Sharon stares at Angela as Rickie bends Angela over and, laughing himself, wails, "Can you breathe?" and slaps her on the back a couple of times; Rayanne gives the pointed look to Sharon. Angela still can't stop laughing. The Cherskis stare at her curiously. Danielle points out that Rayanne just fainted; Rickie pipes up, "Well, not so much fainted as…swooned!" Finally, Sharon catches on: "Oh. Ohhhh! So this is that thing, that's going around. Right?" Rickie holds Angela's face against his chest. "That thing," Sharon adds lamely. Camille cocks a brow, then gets up and asks to see Angela for a minute. Angela gets a grip: "Sure."

Out in the hall, Camille asks Angela if that's "the same Rayanne that has the drinking problem?" When Angela realizes that Camille's buying the sick thing, she almost starts laughing again, but quickly assures Camille that "this has nothing to do with that -- I, I promise." Does Patty know Rayanne's there? "Oh, of course!" Camille decides to believe Angela, saying that if Rayanne's not better by that night, Angela should call her. Angela nods, smothering another giggle fit. Camille leaves.

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My So-Called Life




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