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B&B. Patty, lounging on a sofa in the lobby, chirps, "Hi again!" at Warren, the proprietor, and asks if anyone's called for her. "Not since the last time you asked, no," he snits. (Trivia factoid: the actor who plays Warren is a David Lynch staple most famous for playing Pete Martell on Twin Peaks, who died as a result of injuries sustained in a barroom brawl. You're welcome.) Anyway, Patty tries to make cutesy conversation with Warren, but he's having none of it. After he leaves, she starts to go back to her book, but she's interrupted by a young honeymooning couple with skates slung over their shoulders, who burst in through the front door and immediately start sucking face. They stop when they see Patty, and she smiles approvingly at them, but as they head upstairs to get busy, her smile fades (I should have made an MS Word macro for that phrase long ago, but it's really too late now), and we follow her gaze over to four pairs of lonely skates propped in front of the fireplace.

Back from the non-commercials to Angela, Sharon, and Rickie explaining the handcuff situation to a befuddled Danielle. As they tell her in bright tones of voice that "they're not even Mom and Dad's" and "they're like a toy," Danielle sulks, then interrupts them to say, "I'm not even interested." Relieved, the three teenagers get up and leave without another word, and DVO says, "Thanks. Now I'm interested." Heh. Danielle flops back on her bed.

Lobby. Patty is eating chocolates and folding origami with the wrappers. "Look -- I made a swan!" She waggles the wings, smiling brittlely. Warren is not impressed, walking away with an elaborate eye-roll, and Patty frowns. Just then, the other three come through the front door, giggling. Patty looks at them balefully as Graham announces that they all got tickets for jaywalking and Sheryl observes that "that town is so weird!" Tightly, Patty asks if they "at least [got] some wine," and the others, clearly stoned, break down laughing before saying that they only managed to find "Dr. Allan's Ginger-Flavored Brandy," a bottle of which Sheryl produces from her sleeve. From the way they recite the words, it's obviously a joke with them now, which makes Patty's face harden even further. Then she cocks her head and asks if that's Graham's sweater Sheryl has on. Sheryl coos that it's "so comfy and cozy," and Graham says mildly that Sheryl got kind of cold. Patty sucks her teeth at Neil and asks why he didn't lend Sheryl his jacket, and Neil smirks, "Are you kidding? I was freezing!" Sheryl swats Neil with Graham's sweater sleeve, and they all crack up again. Patty grins humorlessly. God, I so hate Patty here, and I think it's because I've pulled that same passive-aggressive routine in the past, and I could feel myself doing it and I'd hate myself for doing it, and yet I couldn't stop. But more than enough about me.

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My So-Called Life




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