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As Rickie takes stuff out of his locker, Angela wishes aloud to Rayanne that she could "be like" her: "I mean, your relationships may be short, but at least they're real. At least you're not making them all up." Rayanne makes a shrugging motion with her eyebrows and eats candy as Rickie points out that Angela hasn't even "heard his side" yet. Angela doesn't want to hear Jordan's side; she never wants to see him again for the rest of her -- ohhh, here he comes. In slo-mo, no less. AVO tells us that "it was kind of like driving by a horrible car accident. You just look." She stares at him, studiously looks away, then flips her hair so that she can look back. Slo-mo Jordan. Angela bolts. Rayanne glares at Jordan and follows Angela. Rickie watches them go; then, left alone with Jordan's "whuh the fuh?" look, as well as with the tattered remains of his own crush on Jordan, he stammers all dry-mouthed, "Um...she's a little upset. Um...I guess, well, because, um, well never mind." Hee. Jordan puts his hand on Rickie's shoulder: "No, what?" Rickie glances quickly down at Jordan's hand before explaining that Angela probably wonders why Jordan didn't call "or something." Jordan turns that over and nods, "Yeah, that makes sense." Rickie regards him as Jordan says, "She just...she like, wanted me to meet her parents. I just...I, I, I wasn't in the mood." Ay yi yi. See, and Angela could have glossed that! God, this episode kills me. Jordan says that it's like Angela knows too much about him or something -- well, not that, really, but "she makes too big a deal out of everything" and makes everything too complicated. Rickie suggests that maybe the misunderstanding stemmed from the song, and the fact that Angela really liked it: "And it was, um, obvious...what it was about, so." The camera zooms in on Jordan: "Yeah. My car." Rickie looks ill.

Pregnancy testing time. Graham waits outside the bathroom. "It's a miracle," Patty breathes to herself. She emerges from the bathroom smiling, and Graham looks happy and starts to hug her, and she says victoriously, "I got my period." That's not what he expected her to say, clearly, and as Patty expresses relief about not having to go through it all again just when she's getting her life back and blah blingety blah, Graham looks sad. Patty gets all schmoopy: "Oh, sweetheart -- you wanted a son!" More blather in that vein, "I thought you were past all that," blah. They hug.

Patty knocks on Angela's door, then lets herself in: "I come bearing ice cream. It's cookie dough." Angela lies motionless on her bed. Patty tries to tempt her with eating straight from the carton, but Angela cuts her off: "Mom, if you care about me at all, do not attempt to cheer me up." Patty starts to leave. Angela sits up: "You can leave the ice cream." Patty smiles, comes back in, and hands a sullen Angela the ice cream, saying that she wasn't going to try to cheer Angela up, that she'd never presume that anything she could say would lift Angela's spirits. "Well, good, because you can't," Angela grumbles, digging in the carton. Patty muses about the irony of "emotions," and shares with Angela that "all this week, I thought I was pregnant." Angela, predictably, wigs and asks, "You're not, are you?" Patty says no, she thought that she might be, but she isn't, and Angela is shocked that her parents still have sex and she falls backwards on her bed laughing. "It's not that funny," Patty says, but she's smiling. Angela continues guffawing. Patty, amused: "Well, I am so pleased that I have been able to brighten your day."

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