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Why Jordan Can't Read

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Duh squared

Outside, Graham and Danielle play catch. Everyone get it? Okay, just checking. Brian wanders up and asks Danielle if she whatever. Danielle whatever. Brian steps in to continue playing catch in Danielle's stead. Angela and Patty come out on the porch. Angela wants to know why Graham is playing catch with Brian Krakow. Patty, feeding Angela a spoonful of ice cream, attributes it to living with three women. Oh, whatever. I played catch with my dad more than my brother did -- if a dad wants to play catch badly enough, he'll put a glove on the cat's head. Anyway, Graham hands off the glove and ball to Angela. She takes them silently, appraising Brian as she puts the glove on. Brian asks what the Chases thought of Jordan: "Were they like revolted?" Angela whips the ball at him and snaps that they're not discussing Jordan Catalano ever again. "We're not?" Angela tucks her hair behind her ears sadly. "Okay, we're not," Brian says, sort of happily, as he tosses the ball back, but he can't resist: "Why not?" "Because you are incapable of understanding," Angela tells him. "Oh, yeah? Why?" Brian snarks. "Because it's never happened to you," Angela says loftily. "I mean, just wait," she adds, accidentally chucking the ball past him and into the street, "till it happens to you, Brian." She heads after the ball, flipping her hair: "Seriously, I cannot wait until it happens to you, because I am gonna look at you, and I am gonna laugh, and I'll say, 'See? See? I told you so.'" Brian just stares at her, looking almost fond of her for continuing to not get it. Angela runs off after the ball. Brian looks like he ate a bug.

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My So-Called Life




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