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"That's all I have so far," Jordan says, strumming a last chord, and gets up and walks away before anyone can say anything. Angela immediately turns and breathes into Rickie's ear, "Oh my god Rickie." Rickie has something to tell her, but he doesn't get any further than "Angela, uh" before Rayanne comes to drag Rickie away, telling Angela that she's going to stay, that she should stay, but they will leave. "Stay, hear the rest of the rehearsal," Rickie adds, and Rayanne says that they "have to go," but that Angela, again, should stay, does she want to stay? "I could," Angela says, clearly not wanting to stay without her friends as defensive flanking, but Rayanne says, "Then stay," kisses her, and takes off with Rickie in tow. Angela looks very uncomfortable indeed; she stands with her legs tangled up and her hands folded, looking down. We go to a long shot of her and Jordan, sporting similar body language and standing at opposite ends of the frame, as Jordan tells her haltingly that he doesn't think Tino's coming and offers her a ride home.

Cut to the So-Called Convertible, parked in front of Chase Place. A dog barks. Silence in the car. Angela: "I was just thinking..." Jordan gets that "oh no, not Angela thinking" look. Angela: "Could you maybe have dyslexia?" "What, you mean that backwards thing?" Jordan asks. Angela tries to help, saying that lots of people have it, and her uncle has it, and it makes reading "incredibly difficult," but Jordan breaks in: "Let's -- not talk about this." Angela apologizes but won't drop it, adding that "a lot of really intelligent people are dyslexic, just because a person can't read --" "Hey," Jordan interrupts again. "I can read, okay? Just not..." "No, I know," Angela whispers. "Just not that good," Jordan finishes, sighing. Angela looks away. Jordan slings an elbow over the back of the seat so that he's turned a bit more towards her, clears his throat, and says, "You know those guys? Up in the mountains?" Angela, looking between his eyes and his lips: "What guys?" Jordan: "Who make snow, like...[looking between her eyes and her lips] as their job." "Yeah," says Angela, totally mesmerized, as they inch closer and closer together. Jordan: "I would really like to do that." Angela, press the button, THE BUTTON! Nope: "You mean, part-time, or..." Jordan kisses her anyway. It's a pretty hot kiss, as these things go. Jordan says, "Sorry." Angela, the spell partly broken: "What?" Jordan, softly: "I interrupted you." A moment during which they both try not to laugh. Jordan, sitting forward again: "Okay..." Angela, trying not to squeal for joy: "Yeah." After an interminable period of hair-flipping and chin-pointing, she finally lets herself out of the car. Jordan pulls away. Cue the chimes as Angela does The Post-Kiss Victory Dance on her front walk, then twirls inside as we go to commercial.

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