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So, we're down to Pearl Heart and Ashlee Hewitt. They all look nervous. Each act will get a chance to perform, and then learn their fates. Ashlee is singing first. In her mentoring video, John Rich advises her to sing "Take the Money and Run," because she hasn't yet thrown a party onstage. He also wants her to get the audience involved on the "Whoo whoo whoo"s. Ashlee wants to perform barefoot. Oh, she's one of those. And then, in a bit of a twist, I actually like Ashlee a bit more on this song than usual. She rocks it out and relies less on some of her weird vocal tics. Jewel tells Ashlee that she's one of her favorites, and one of the only contestants who really feels like an artist. Jeffrey didn't like the performance, even though he loves Ashlee. He thinks Ashlee is going to be around for a while, and just needs to be herself. John Rich likes her bare feet, and also thinks Ashlee pulled the whole thing off wonderfully. He also thinks there's been a mathematical error, and that Ashlee Hewitt is going to be in the final rounds of Nashville Star. Oh, the poor Pearl Heart girls! Everyone thinks they're goners.

And speaking of, in Pearl Heart's mentoring video, Jeffrey tells them that they need a little trickery and shimmer. How about they start by nailing their harmonies? Jeffrey suggests that they do "Ain't Going Down 'Till the Sun Comes Up," all playing the electric guitar. They look nervous, but he says it's a risk they have to take. If they screw up on the guitar, says Jeffrey, it's going to be awful. He adds that it's easily possible for them to fail. Well, that's heartening. He calls it a defining moment. Last week was also a defining moment, and in fact it looks like it defined their route home. But lo, they actually sound GREAT! The guitar part they play is really small, so I think Jeffrey was being a little bit of a drama queen. John Rich is forced to yell out a "holy moley." It was awesome, he says, and he wonders what happened to Pearl Heart. He calls it the best performance of the season. Jewel tells Pearl Heart that they have outworked and outpracticed Laura & Sophie, and are tight and clear about what they're doing. It kills her that they're in the bottom two and Laura & Sophie aren't. We then cut to Braceless rolling her eyes all the way back in her head. Well, I guess we've just learned that she's a salty bitch, too. Those two are hateful, aren't they? Jeffrey is so proud, and commends Pearl Heart's work ethnic. They really stepped it up, and he can't believe they're in the bottom two either. The crying twin starts getting teary, because she thinks they're goners.

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