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Achy Breaky Heart

And then it's time for the official results. After a long, long pause, Billy Ray announces that Pearl Heart is going home. It's really too bad. They seem like the sweetest girls, and tonight I think they really showed that they have potential. The one twin says that it was a privilege to meet all the other folks on the show, and adds that they'll be rooting for all of them. The other twin starts to talk, but Billy Ray just cuts her off to introduce the homegoing montage. He throws it to Jeffrey for a final comment. Jeffrey says that apparently America didn't think Pearl Heart was good enough to cut it, but they know his address and where his studio is. He thinks they're a huge hit recording act and says he'll take it on any day of the week. They had a great work ethic, and he's sorry to see them go. I am, too, even though I really didn't like their performances until this week. We flash by the final six during the outro, and Laura & Sophie look wretched. Please, America, put them out of their misery!

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