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Billy Ray next calls Pearl Heart. They're safe and they're performing "Love Shack." In their mentoring video, Jeffrey wants the twin sisters to better support the sister who sings the lead, and everyone to get less stiff. The lead singer has a crisis about the fact that she doesn't think she can appropriately shout, "Knock a little louder, sugar." The girls perform, and I have to say that this song lends itself to a country arrangement better than you'd think. They sound pretty good too, even if they still look a little awkward. John Rich thinks that they were great, except that they looked at each other more than they looked at the audience. The poor younger sister gets more lip about becoming a convincing front woman from Jewel. Jeffrey tells them to make a heart out of the triangle. What does that even mean? Anyway, they did a good job.

The next contestant who is safe is Alyson Gilbert. She will be performing Tiffany's version of "I Think We're Alone Now." We revisit Alyson's journey from sucking to being really good. She is in love with her own comeback. John Rich tells her she needs to be more consistent, and is also a bit confounded by her choice of the ultimate bubblegum pop song. He suggests that she speed it up, though she wants to slow it down. Eventually, they decide up on something mid-tempo. She's a little pitchy in spots, and isn't hitting the bust out notes dead on. At the beginning she had some timing issues, too. I think she's actually one of the better singers, but that performance was pretty blah. Jewel points out that it was pitchy, and that she looked uncomfortable in her shoes. Jeffrey is rooting for her, but wasn't crazy about the performance. John Rich tells Alyson that she took it to a vanilla, mediocre spot rather than rocking it. I generally think he's an asshole, but he's totally right. He hated it. She looks really sad and defeated again. Awww.

We next learn that Ashlee Hewitt is also safe. And she'll be singing, "(You Drive Me) Crazy," by Britney Spears. If you go for Britney, you can at least sing "Toxic." John Rich gives her instruction in turning her body to the left and the right. He wants her to rock hard. She says she can do it. However, she also worries that it could be cheesy, and works really hard on her arrangement. She works her jailbait ways on stage to mixed effect. The performance is pretty good, but she's just not one of my favorites at this point. Jewel sees Ashlee as a mini-me, and thinks she did a good job. She also gently suggests that Ashlee stick to a more natural look. Jeffrey notes that even though she was uncomfortable, she's got the goods. John Rich thinks she's getting consistently better every week. Billy Ray quips that Ashlee's performance was so good, it made him want to shave his head. Way to mercilessly mock the poor girl whose rise to an insane level of fame and notoriety at a young age with the help of her greedy ass parents turned her into a bloated clinical nightmare, pops. That one certainly will never come back to bite you in the ass.

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