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Pop Goes the Country

It's time for Justin to sing his song -- "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." Well, he would know. Mad props to Cyndi Lauper, though - I hope she's getting royalties from this! In the mentoring video, Jewel tells us that it's no secret that what Justin needs to work on is his voice. How inconvenient that he's entered a singing contest. Once Jewel learns what Justin's song is, she tells us unequivocally that he's in danger. Justin performs, changing all the "I"s to "she"s. The backup dancers are wearing pajamas, thus fulfilling Jeffrey's dream. Justin actually starts off okay, utilizing his trademark limited range. He looks cute as hell, and the performance is much better than I expected. It's a decent country arrangement, too. John Rich tells him that he definitely showed some improvement, and also sounded like a country singer. John hopes it's not too late for him. Jeffrey makes a comment about the girls in pajamas, of course, and reluctantly tells Justin that he did a great job. Jewel tells Justin that he's most improved, and she's very proud of him and how hard he worked.

Finally, there's Tommy Stanley, who will be performing Michael Sambello's "Maniac." Let us hope he gets doused by a bucket of water. Jewel wonders if he can make this country. Tommy struggles in rehearsals, and tells us that he needs to nail it this week. He starts singing and sounds pretty okay, with a single dancer doing some ballet moves accompanying him hilariously. When the chorus kicks in things get a little shakier. Overall the vocal is good, but it doesn't sound one bit like a country song. Jeffrey says that he loved Tommy's glory note, but this didn't get his country bone going. John Rich agrees with this dubious word choice, and tells him it's more like pop goes pop than pop goes country. John Rich asks Tommy if he thinks he can convincingly do a country album. Tommy is confident that he can. Jewel notes that Justin out-countryed Tommy. Apparently only pussies let themselves be out-countryed. Tommy is totally Justin's bitch right now. I'm sure Tommy has some corresponding story he could tell about being in the navy and a cracker.

Okay, it's decision time! The person who America is sending home is... Justin. That's too bad, given that he did a decent job tonight, but overall he sucked so you can't feel all that devastated by the news. Billy Ray asks Justin what he would have done differently. Justin takes a second to even realize that Billy Ray's talking to him. I think that says it all. Billy Ray commends Justin on his improvement over the weeks, and predicts that he'll be a really big movie star. We take a look back through his journey, which involved juggling lemons. Make lemonade, my adorable and possibly marginally talented friend. Make lemonade.

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