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Death Becomes Her
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Previously: Back when Avery and Scarlett were together, he had her sing into a whisk in their apartment. Thank you, whoever puts together the "previously on" for this show, because were it not for you, none of us would have remembered that scene. Subsequently we'd have been like, "Why is some crazy kitchen-tool-obsessed stalker sending Scarlett anonymous presents?" three-quarters of the way through the show. Both Juliette and Rayna were nominated for CMA Awards, and while Juliette got the news in the middle of a Dante-related crisis meting, Rayna found out while in the bare arms of one Deacon Claybourne. Reow. Avery denied a drunken Juliette's advances, but in a really considerate way. Gunnar has taken a shine to stealing his dead brother's songs and passing them off as his own. And finally... "What kind of tape?"

We enter in Charlotte, with Rayna just coming off stage. She's happy that this leg of the tour is ending, so she can get back to Nashville and see her girls. Bucky reminds her that she'll also be having auditions in Nashville, since they can't just open a label on the strength of Scarlett alone. Marshall has given them until the end of the month to close the deal. Rayna insists that the acts have to be perfect and she's not settling... except when it comes to settling her lips into the lips of Deacon. They're backstage in her dressing room, making out like... well, I was going to say like teenagers, but really they're making out like hot adults, which is even better. Less sloppy! Deacon asks Rayna how long they have to do this in private. She says just until she can tell the girls, and get them used to Deacon being around, professionally and privately. Deacon notes that his work schedule has opened up dramatically, and everyone has visions of sugar plums dancing and Rayna and Deacon finding happiness both off stage and on. I just thought to myself, "I would watch that show, about Rayna and Deacon being happy all the time!" But that is probably a lie. I WAS hoping that we'd get more than two episodes of their post-reunion bliss, though. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Rayna invites Deacon over to the house for dinner with her and the girls tomorrow, and he gets a Cheshire Cat grin and says he'd love to. And then they go back to making out, as it should be.

Meanwhile, Juliette exits the stage and Avery is there to help her take off her ear monitor. This involves unzipping her dress, in a not particularly suggestive manner. Avery hums a tune and smiles, and Juliette gives him her patented nasty grief for smirking. He explains that he's not smirking, but is actually humming the new song that she's been working on. It turns out she's been humming it for days, and Avery suggests that she get it down on paper before it disappears. She tells him that he did a great job playing lead guitar the other night, which she would have told him earlier if he hadn't bailed on her / refused to take advantage of her in her sloppy state. Juliette asks if his rejection was because "they" told him to stay away from her or because he couldn't keep up. Avery says he bailed because she was a little... overserved. E.g., a hot, drunken mess. Apparently this is a ballsy thing to say to your boss, and Juliette tells him he's lucky he's cute enough to get away with it. She then asks if he wants to help her get her lyrics down before they disappear. Can she not write a song without the help of a hot guy? Actually, she probably couldn't even find paper or a pen.

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