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Death Becomes Her

Back at the tree trunk, it's dawn and Gunnar is just getting in from his recording session. This is now customary, and he says while flopping on the bed that they work until the music feels right. Scarlett says that Gunnar's producer has him thinking that he's some kind of outlaw, and then tickles him to prove that he's not. The producer thinks that working on the image will create some attention, both locally and with labels. Gunnar then wonders why Scarlett is going through dresses, and it turns out that she's playing at the Opry, which she's told Gunnar and he claims to remember but secretly has totally forgotten. As he tells her that thousands of people will be watching her big-deal debut, she looks nervous.

The producer calls. It turns out Gunnar's song is getting a lot of radio attention, and one station wants him to do an interview. He runs out again, recommending that Scarlett choose the blue dress. Just then Will pulls up on his motorcycle, noting that Gunnar doesn't look like he's slept or showered in a week. Scarlett sadly replies that she wouldn't know if he had. Boo hoo hoo. She's also very nervous about this Opry thing, and Will gives her encouragement before asking if Rayna is just introducing Scarlett or the label too. Scarlett explains that Rayna has to pick one more act before she can make the announcement, and is having a secret session at Soundcheck tomorrow to hopefully find that person. Will is clearly interested in this news.

We cut to Tandy and Smithers talking about what to do with the land owned by Wyatt Industries that will not be filled with balls and bats and BMTs. Mixed-use high rise or retail? It is truly a riveting debate. They turn to Lamar, who suggests that they use it for a baseball stadium. Um. Tandy is like, "STOP BEING SENILE OR I'M GOING TO ATTEMPT A COUP." Or, rather, "KEEP BEING SENILE SO I CAN ATTEMPT A COUP."

Oh boy, and then Juliette is watching a clip of her sex tape. Both her security firm and her mother are in the room to hear the moaning coming from her laptop. It turns out Dante has agreed to hand over the SD card for $2 million. Head security guy recommends that they try to talk him down, but Juliette refuses. She wants the video destroyed before the CMA Awards. Head security guy then recommends -- again! -- that they get Dante locked up, but Juliette is not down for the reports, cops, or scandals that would come along with it. After the security guys leave, Jolene asks if there's anything she can do. At this point, they should have locked Jolene in a room with a box of Ritz crackers and some Gatorade until the whole thing passed. Hindsight, 20/20, etc.

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