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Death Becomes Her

Ahhhh, and then we are at the Jaymes/Conrad manse, where Rayna is chopping up salad for dinner with the girls. Daphne has just let Deacon in, and he's brought pie. DOMESTIC BLISS! Rayna is even wearing a side pony, just to make the moment a smidge more perfect. The girls joke with Deacon about him being too old to be signed to Rayna's label, and then Rayna sends the three of them into the living room so she can get dinner done. Daphne proposes that they play "Ho Hey" (the cuteness that ensues is the ONLY thing that can redeem this overexposed song), and Deacon's banter with the girls is precious. He not only boosts Maddie's confidence about her guitar playing, but also gets Daphne to yell, "Language!" when he says hell. They start playing, with Deacon on Dobro, and all is right with the world! If only this moment could last forever, thinks the nation, or be on a constant loop with Deacon and Rayna makeouts!

And then who walks in but freaking Teddy to ruin everything. Why does he ALWAYS do that? Daphne is the only one who is even close to being glad to see him. He asks what's going on, and Rayna is all, "Just making dinner and also WTF are you doing here?" He's returning some soccer stuff that Maddie left in his car, and also making things very awkward for everybody. Teddy asks for a word with Rayna, and then gives her all kinds of hell for bringing Deacon into his house after he made his position (about how Rayna is supposed to live her life Deacon-free) clear. Rayna is all, "We're getting a divorce, duh!" and Teddy says that he didn't have the girls around Peggy, per Rayna's request. No, she asked that you not bang Peggy in your shared house, and we all saw how true to your word you were with that one. Rayna says that Teddy was having an affair, and he points out that she was having an emotional affair the entire time they were married. Okay, half a point for that one. But Rayna tells him not to rewrite history, noting that Daphne was born out of love but their feelings changed. The girls will always be his daughters, but Rayna tells him not to come in there and dictate what her life is going to be. He leaves because that's what he does after ruining everything. Subsequently, everything is ruined.

After a break, Avery's looking at the schedule for the Opry on his phone and sees Scarlett's name there, along with a prominently placed Darius Rucker. And, seriously, stop trying to subliminally sell us on Darius Rucker, show! Juliette comes out with a legal pad and some of her draft lyrics. She asks Avery if he remembers the melody she was humming, and he says it sounded like a love song. But Juliette no longer believes in love, saying that pretty much everyone who's told her they love her has lied. What about Tim Tony Tebow Romo? He seemd pretty sincere AND let her devirginize him. Avery assures her that love exists, saying that he's been in love. Juliette asks, "And how did that go for you?" before we can.

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