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Death Becomes Her

And then it's exciting times in the boardroom of Wyatt Industries! Tandy tells the board members that the company is at a crossroads. Lamar survived his heart attack, but he's "a long way from full recovery." One of the board members busts Tandy's phantom testicles by asking straightaway if she's asking for board support if she makes a motion to replace Lamar. She says she wants their support if Lamar decides to step down, but another board member guesses that she wants them to endorse a coup. The board member who asked the first question seems to agree that this is all a shady coup, but also thinks that, given Lamar's age and circumstance, it's time for a change. She wants them to do it with grace and a lack of obvious backstabbing. It's funny, I feel like Tandy is either very good at her job, or not very good at all.

Back at the tree trunk, Scarlett calls out Gunnar for his comments on the radio show, and Gunnar says he's just trying to build a following. She wants to understand what Gunnar's doing -- the stolen lyrics, a whole new wardrobe and fake past -- but doesn't get it. She reminds him that he walked away from the kind of life Jason led because it only ends in grief. And then she twists the barbwire by telling him that if the Opry isn't outlaw enough for him, he doesn't have to come and see her perform. He says he'd never miss it, and she kisses him but still looks sad as she drives off.

Rayna and Bucky celebrate the fact that Will is their guy, and Rayna says she's going to announce the label at the Opry. Bucky isn't sure about Will's last name, but in a little detail that I love, Rayna says that Lexington is a good Southern name. Their happy banter is short-lived, though, as Rayna is served papers saying that she's not allowed to have the girls within 100 feet of Deacon. How's that for a postcard from Mexico?

Rayna marches into Teddy's office to be like, "WTF?" and adds that Deacon has been around the girls their entire lives. But Teddy's not going to take a chance that something dire might happen without him there to "safeguard their well being." Rayna says this is really about Teddy's ego and fear, but Teddy claims that he's doing it because he doesn't trust her. When she says that the restraining order won't stick, Teddy points out that he is the MAYOR, and it will stick. When she asks what happened to him, Teddy says he took Lamar's advice and grew a pair. And then that pair grew a pair, and that pair grew a pair and so forth, and basically Teddy is now a human testicle. Attractive!

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