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Good Luck in Atlanta, Douche

Meanwhile, Avery is in the ATL with Dominic, who is throwing another one of his fabulous and sophisticated parties. Dominic says something cliché about mixing business with pleasure, but even this is not enough to clue Avery into the fact that he's secretly an enemy of music. And speaking of business, Dominic wants to know if Avery has dumped his band yet. He hasn't, and tries to explain that it's a little bit of a delicate situation since he actually grew up with those guys and they are all ostensibly friends. But Dominic wants Avery to tell them that he's moving up to the big time... solo. Avery's going back to Nashville tomorrow and thinks he owes the band at least the honor of playing one final gig with them. But Dominic says that he doesn't owe anyone anything, except for owing Marilyn his left testicle for all eternity. And owing Domino his firstborn and whatever traces of soul he has left.

Back in the studio, Liam has had enough of waiting around for spoiled pop tarts and takes off. Talk between Rayna and the managers turns to the tour, which they are booking with haste. They'll start with secondary markets and play to sell-out crowds while still working out the kinks (e.g., the folks in Muskogee might get to see Juliette concussed by a falling piece of stage!), then move to the majors. And they're planning on heading out Sunday, which leaves only three days for full arena rehearsal. Rayna can't wait to get away from her embezzling husband, though, and so is cool with that.

And speaking of arena tours, Deacon gets notes from the lead singer of The Revel Kings while walking onstage. It turns out his showmanship during his leads hasn't been at quite the required level. This is rock n' roll, not Rayna Jaymes. Also not Rayna Jaymes is Carmen Gonzales, a journalist from Tremolo magazine who's doing a story on the band. She walks up to Deacon and plants a kiss on his lips. They say a few words that indicate that they know each other, and then Carmen tells Deacon she's looking forward to their "in depth interview." I bet she is.

Juliette finally shows up at the studio, and nonchalantly tells everyone she was off getting married. Glen of course had no idea, which leads Rayna to note that they should communicate better. Still quite shocked, Glen asks if Juliette at least got a prenup, and Juliette in turn asks if she looks like an idiot. Is pink macaroni pink? Juliette just wants to get the song over with so she can go home to her hot husband and plan her honeymoon. Rayna asks for a moment to talk alone with the beautiful bride, but lest you think your dreams of her imparting maternal wisdom to Juliette are to come true, this is a business conversation, with three tablespoons of bitchery. When Rayna says she wants to start the tour on Sunday, Juliette asks why she even wants to go on the road together since the two women hate each other. Rayna claims to only hate sunburns and hangovers, and says this is just business. Juliette asks if everything is okay at home (knowing full well that it's not) and Rayna tells her that marriage is complicated. Even the Kardashian-esque marriage that Juliette has just entered into. Rayna snarkily asks if Juliette follows politics, to which Juliette snarkily replies, "Just the scandals," to which Rayna snarkily replies that Juliette would know something about that. These ladies need each other equally at this point, and Rayna asks a simple, "You in?"

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