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Good Luck in Atlanta, Douche

Juliette returns home and greets Sean, but becomes less enthusiastic when she sees the scowling Butler parents. They have learned the wedding news, and Juliette (with snark left over from her conversation with Rayna) asks if she should call them mom and dad. Sean's dad says that Sean needs to stop and think this through. And really, it's a little late for that. Monster-in-Law surprisingly agrees with Sean that they need to respect his decision, but in turn Sean has to respect their family. Before news of the elopement gets out, she wants the whole thing "done right," e.g. in the eyes of God. She requests an actual ceremony, this month, for close family and friends only. They, like, own the church so scheduling should be no problem. Juliette says that this request might be difficult given that she's leaving Sunday to go on tour with Rayna. This is news to Sean, but Monster-in-Law doesn't even care except to say that they'll have to have the wedding on Saturday. Juliette's in. Welcome to the family!

Meanwhile, Rayna has just told Teddy about the tour. He's surprised, saying that he thought she was working on an album. And while that was the plan, "Wrong Song" is charting out of the blue and they need to run with it. Also, Rayna and Teddy still need money. And since embezzling is no longer an option, a five-month tour is the best they can do. Teddy asks if she's really going to leave the family for that long, and she says she's planning to take the girls on tour. And not just for kicks, but to get them away from a toxic environment and a family she can't trust, including Teddy. Teddy is decidedly NOT feeling this, leading me to think that he might transition from embezzler to Lifetime Movie-style kidnapper.

Juliette tries on miniscule sequined outfits while Sean and Glen compare schedules. With his football season and her tour, they'll cross paths for only two days in the next two months. That actually kind of sounds like a dream marriage to me, but I have issues. Sean grumbles about this less than ideal honeymoon period. He wants to talk to Juliette about their lack of discussing important things like five-month tours, and instead she tries to have sex with him, which doesn't really work either. To allay his concerns, Juliette says that they'll hook up when they can and sext in between, then kicks him out so she can try on wedding dresses. Romance!

In his office, Teddy has a pretty intense gaze of sadness while looking upon a photo of his once-happy family. His mood is not even boosted by Tandy telling him that Coleman only got a slight bump from the release of the Teddy and Peggy photos. And speaking of Peggy, she's going to be fine. Even so, Teddy is having doubts about his recent soul-selling activity. What's it all for, he wonders, when Peggy almost died and his old friend Coleman is now an archnemesis. Tandy tries to convince him that he can repair those relationships after he wins. Then Teddy gets to his real preoccupation -- Rayna leaving to go on tour and taking the girls with her. Tandy is quite concerned, and the nature of that concern of course has to do entirely with the election. Downtrodden Teddy, however, isn't even sure that he should try to stop Rayna. Families in crisis!

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