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Good Luck in Atlanta, Douche

Back in the tree trunk, Avery has come to get his stuff. He asks if Scarlett plans on getting a roommate, and she sternly says that she'd rather be alone at this point. When he apologizes for banging his way to the top, Scarlett says it's okay since ultimately it was good for both of their careers. If he hadn't done it, she probably would have ended up as "Mrs. Avery Barkley." When he says it still has a nice ring to it, she tells him his future wife will likely enjoy it very much. When Scarlett is being snarky, aggressive, or upset, she really gets more critter-esque than ever. Her eyes turn completely beady and her cheeks puff out defensively, like a little rabid otter. Avery somehow swindles a hug out of her, then tells her that when he looks at her he's still ruined. Funny, I'm only ruined when I hear her speak. The two of them have a brief moment when they look pained, then start furiously going at it. Ah, the true magic of break ups.

Backstage before a Revel Kings photo shoot, Deacon gets his hair did -- with hairspray and everything! -- as the band's lead singer tells him that he actually overdid it with his solo at the last show, in a scene-stealing way. Deacon says he's trying to find a happy medium, then shoos away the lady with the hairspray. When Carmen approaches, he says that all the primping makes him agitated. Carmen mentions the "big Rayna tour," and Deacon is quite surprised to learn that she and Juliette are hitting the road together. He asks who Rayna's got playing guitar for her, and when Carmen asks if it matters he says, "No, just curious." Lies! When the photographer asks Deacon to come stand in the middle of the band, he says he's just fine on the end. Easier to Photoshop out, OR he's just realized that despite his protestations he actually prefers being in the sideshow.

Cut to Juliette and her band practicing "Boys and Buses" at a soundstage with arena set up. Sean walks in at the end of the song, and Juliette runs and jumps on him, giving him a big kiss. I swear, Hayden Panettiere must stand about 2'9". She introduces "my wonderful, handsome...Sean" to the band, then tells them to take five. Sean has come to deliver good news. Or, "good" news. He called the rehab facility where Jolene is staying, and it turns out tomorrow's a family day. They're scheduled to visit at 11:00. Juliette takes this news about as happily as you'd expect. Monster-In-Law told Sean that Juliette said she really wanted him to meet Jolene. Still working all the angles! Juliette explains that she and her mom have a very complicated relationship, and she should probably take this one alone for now. Sean is amenable because he's way nicer than his mom.

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