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Good Luck in Atlanta, Douche

Gunnar is less happy, pouting as he is while trying to write solo at the publishing house. Hailey enters with a beer and tells him that, awkward as it is, she really wants a promotion and at this point that entails patching things up with him and Scarlett. The tension between them is all the buzz, apparently, and everyone knows that they're way better together than apart. And if even Hailey is saying this, you know that Gunnar's solo songs are basically shit.

Rayna then busts into Teddy's office at his campaign HQ, and is angry to find him there with Lamar. Lamar tells Rayna to settle down, because that's his jam. But she will not be settled! Unlike everyone else in the room, she says, she doesn't do exactly what Lamar tells her to do. Teddy, used to being a punching bag for everyone, finally asks what this is all about. Rayna explains that Lamar and Tandy came over for an intervention, and in the process threatened to reveal Maddie's true paternity. And, in a bit of a twist, Teddy already knows that Maddie does not share his gene pool! This is a surprise to Lamar, too.

Teddy finally grows a spine and tells Lamar that Maddie is his daughter, no matter who contributed her DNA. And of course he knew about it, he says to Lamar's shocked python face, because Rayna really is kind of upstanding. If the time comes to tell Maddie the truth, that's up to Teddy and Rayna and not Lamar and his scheming ways. If Lamar ever threatens to destroy that bond again, Teddy says, he'll come for Lamar. Lamar seems to find this last bit highly amusing, and says that unfortunately neither of them understand his intentions. I do think his evil reptilian brain has probably convinced itself that he's trying to save their family, but he has been put in his place just enough not to bust out a, "Mwah ha ha!" or tap his fingertips together ominously.

Then we're back with Deacon, who has lovely ladies pawing at him as he walks offstage with The Revel Kings. One of the Kings tells him that he killed it, and the diva lead singer says that Deacon has finally found the happy medium. He then asks Deacon how he's doing with the whole experience, and Deacon says he's getting used to the volume of it all. Well turn down your hearing aid, Grampa! The band is fundamentally interested in learning if Deacon is on board to ride with them both on the literal and figurative long road that is an international tour. Deacon jokes with them amiably, but then goes to look sullen in the dressing room.

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