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Good Luck in Atlanta, Douche

Carmen appears to ask if he's okay, and he says that his head just hurt a little bit. And he forgot to take his Metamucil this morning. He's going back to his hotel (so he can drink a virgin hot toddy and watch Leno in peace!), and Carmen asks if he wants company. He asks if she'll abandon her recorder, and she says she'll trade it for something else. And I don't think she's talking about his stash of Geritol.

Speaking of rock shows, we cut to Scarlett singing lead for The Artists Formerly Known as the Avery Barkley Band. She's rocking out so hard on "Twist of Barbed Wire" that her eyes are crossed the ENTIRE TIME. Of course, with Scarlett's involvement, the band is playing to a larger and more attentive crowd that it has in its entire existence. I will say that she sounds a LOT better than she did on "Ring of Fire," and she's happily lost the baby voice that emerges on a lot of the songs she sings with Gunnar. She and JT toast after the show, and he asks if she wants to join the band permanently. Wouldn't it be great to just have people throwing you dream jobs and shots at fame and fortune all the time? Maybe the scraggly weave is actually infused with some sort of magical success potion?

Meanwhile, Mr. Juliette Barnes is watching game tape at Juliette's house. She enters, and he asks how it went with her mom. Juliette unconvincingly lies that Jolene couldn't be happier. When Sean asks if Jolene will be able to come to the wedding and says how nice it would be to have the whole family there, Juliette suggests that they go somewhere -- like New York. But Sean's position as a godly homebody who has to meet with his trainer at dawn does not allow that. He'd rather spend the evening snuggling with his wife as he watches boring (but relevant to him) football stuff. He says "I love you," and Juliette responds with, "Me too," because she really does enjoy herself a lot as well. At least they have one thing in common.

We're then in the recording studio with Avery and Dominic, who is working on a mix that will "dirty up" Avery's sound. Avery asks if maybe the bass isn't a little TOO dirty, and it's a wonder that Dominic doesn't just clothesline him for back talk. Avery backpedals and says that it sounds great, he's just used to something a little different. Domino's silent associate just shakes his head. Avery then gets a text, and it turns out someone's sent him a video of Scarlett singing lead with his old band. Avery looks stunned, likely because he expects all those he's deserted for fame to be crying into their Holly Hobby dolls.

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