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O Brother Where Art Thou
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Previously: We met Jason, Gunnar's kind of hot gun-toting-parole-violating brother. So did Scarlett, who reluctantly allowed him to stay at their place. Teddy asked Rayna for a divorce and soon after Maddie heard him whispering beret-topped sweet nothings to Peggy on the phone. She told Rayna that Teddy was still having sexual relations with "that woman," which did not appear to go over all that well with the Queen of Country. Juliette took control of her career with an epic tantrum, causing Glenn to quit. And then she asked her mom, who will be freshly out of rehab, to come and relapse -- er, I mean live -- with her for a while.

We enter at the conclusion of what looks like a major shopping bender for Juliette, and are left to assume that she paid for everything this time. Jolene asks if she should be spending so much money, and Juliette rolls her eyes before asking her manager. Since Glenn quit, that manager appears to be the voices in her head. They are always so agreeable! Emily and a security guy are there, apparently to carry Juliette's bags and also to check her calendar. It turns out that Deacon's birthday is on Monday. Jolene thinks it would be fun if they planned a party for him and offers to help. Juliette is like, "Yeah, great idea pillhead," which is exactly the right instinct. She then admits, however, that the idea has some merit after all.

We cut to Rayna paying Teddy a visit at the Mayor's office. His aide calls her both the first lady and "Mrs. Conrad," which has to sting. It might get her back for all the times he's been called, "Mr. Jaymes," though. Once the door is closed, Rayna wastes no time in asking Teddy if he's staying at Peggy's place now that he's moved out, given that she knows he's boning her. Teddy is indignant as he says that his personal life isn't her concern anymore. Okay, retract exactly one testicle there, dude. It is TOTALLY her concern! They have kids! One of whom overheard Teddy on the phone saying, "It feels right to be with you, making sweet love as a beret sits atop your angelic head." Teddy, at least, seems to feel like a little bit of a dick upon hearing that Maddie knows, and Rayna tells him that even though she tried to explain the situation the best she could, she's not covering for him with the girls like she did with the press. And that brings up another whole element of this situation, which is that Rayna, Lamar and Tandy all know that Teddy embezzled a whole mess of money with the woman he is currently boning to increase his self-confidence. Strategically, he might want to be a little more conciliatory. Teddy reminds Rayna that Maddie and Daphne are his daughters too (or at least one of them is!) and she leaves with an angry, "Well keep your girlfriend away from them." And her little beret too!

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