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O Brother Where Art Thou

Jason then meets Gunnar on a bridge, because why confront someone with their illegal gun unless you're going to do so dramatically? Gunnar is upset that Jason lied about getting the gun, even though everyone knew deep down that he totally had it all the time. Jason says that he's trying to forget his past, but it won't forget about him. Thus, he wants the gun back. In response, Gunnar throws it into the river, for Jason's "own good." Jason doesn't agree with that assessment and when Gunnar says that they're done, Jason grabs him by the collar of his jacket and says that Gunnar owes him the life that should be his. This pisses Gunnar off even further, and he tells Jason not to call him if he's in trouble, because he won't be there. Then he storms off. Can't anyone just have a regular conversation on this show? Has no one even had a week's worth of therapy?

Poor Scarlett then gets accosted by Juliette's SUV as she's trying to take out the trash. The window rolls down and reveals Juliette herself, as Emily hilariously tells Scarlett not to be afraid. What Juliette wants, of course, is for Scarlett to get Deacon to the Bluebird on Monday night for his surprise party. Scarlett points out that Deacon hates parties, preferring to sit home and watch Old Yeller on his birthday. Because, you know, what better way to celebrate another year on this earth than by watching a boy shoot his beloved, yet rabid dog? Juliette assures Scarlett that Deacon will love the party and Scarlett says that if she tells Deacon that she and Gunnar are playing a show, he'll probably come. Juliette then says that the two of them can play a song and claim that they "opened for Juliette Barnes." She seems relieved when she is finally able to drive away and you can't really blame her for that.

Deacon and Cole meet and discuss Deacon's Old Yeller-centric birthday plans before Cole brings up the Rayna and Teddy divorce. Deacon says that he found out about it the same way the whole world did. Cut to Rayna meeting with Bucky and her PR person. The PR lady asks if Rayna slept with Liam or Deacon while she was married, and Rayna freaks out and refuses to answer. Just on the safe side, says PR lady, she shouldn't be photographed with any man who isn't her father. Bucky says that he can call Juliette's people and tell them that Rayna can't come to Deacon's party. Okay, first of all, she was invited? Secondly, that's news to Rayna, who asks if they're going to do a public screening of Old Yeller. Heh. Whatever it is, says PR lady (who calls Rayna "madam" in the process), Rayna isn't going.

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