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O Brother Where Art Thou

We then get to enjoy Juliette at home, whining through a new song about being water and feeling someone pour through every inch of her soul. Dirty! Flowy. Dante the addiction counselor sneaks up on her. She tries to blow him off, but he wonders why she'd ask Jolene to stay with her if she doesn't want to be part of the recovery process. Juliette explains that she is indeed a part of recovery -- the check-writing part. And the soon-to-be-boning-the-addiction-counselor-part, I bet. Dante says that in his own experience, he was finally able to get clean when his family was invested. In contrast, Juliette seems to be more interested in throwing a party for Deacon. I mean, her mom was a complete shit for, like, 24 years. So I kind of get where she's coming from. Emily interrupts to gleefully share the cover of the Rayna/Teddy tabloid, only this time there's no article about roaches. Juliette says that it looks like the queen of country music won't be coming to her party, and Emily gently reminds her that it's Deacon's party. Is it, though?

Teddy leaves a message for Peggy saying that his people have told him to distance himself from her, but he's going to think of something. And you know how great his track record of thinking has been. We then visit Rayna and Tandy, observing Maddie and Daphne's ballet class. Rayna has to deal with funny looks, a passive-aggressive encounter with another redhead and, upon leaving the studio, a swarm of paparazzi. As Daphne says she's scared, Rayna races off in her SUV and avoids answering questions about "who was better" between Liam and Deacon. Because it's so impossible to choose, obviously!

After a break, we catch up with Avery, who's buying a guitar. The guy at the store says he used to love Avery's shows at the Five Spot, but his new music is "different." Just like your grandma would say! Watty White approaches Avery at the counter and notes that the beauty of a guitar that he's chosen goes for around $25,000. And this is why Avery will be living in the fleabag motel again next week. Avery reminds Watty that they've meet before since he's Scarlett's ex, and asks for some advice. He explains that he has a new producer in Atlanta, and he's not sure if what Dominic is doing with his sound is what he should be doing. Watty says that "should" is not the right word when it comes to music. What does that even mean? Can no one ever just speak non-cryptically in this town?

Meanwhile, Rayna is writing a song at the piano and has wisely decided to become an agoraphobic songwriter until the whole divorce scandal passes. As the phone rings, Tandy takes it off the hook, saying that they're going to get her a new number. Did anyone else, upon noticing that Tandy didn't actually hang up on the call, think that some reporter was going to overhear something crazy? Meanwhile, Deacon is eating popcorn and watching Old Yeller. In the broad daylight? Scarlett visits to deliver a cupcake, taking off the bottom and putting it on the top to make a sandwich with frosting in the middle. She says that this way you get frosting in every bite, as if you don't if you eat a cupcake the regular way. He invites her in for a viewing party, but she says she has to get ready for her "show" at the Bluebird tonight, reminding Deacon that he hasn't seen her and Gunnar play in a while. Her trick works and he agrees to meet her at the Bluebird at 8:00.

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