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O Brother Where Art Thou

After a break, the addiction counselor stops by to ask Juliette about her ninth birthday. Jolene has already told him, obviously, but he wants to hear Juliette's side of it. Juliette had never had a birthday party before and Jolene rented out the party room at Dewey's ice cream parlor. And then she spent all the money on crack. The end. So Juliette left. At nine years old! When she came home a few hours later, Jolene had passed out with a lit cigarette in her hand. Juliette contemplated letting her burn to death in the house, but didn't. But she WANTED to. Which, under the circumstances, was totally understandable, I think. She asks if Dante really thinks he can help them. He does, and I really hope he's right.

Back at the Bluebird, most of the guests have gone and Rayna and Deacon finally get to talk. He wishes she had told him about the divorce, and she apologizes, saying that her life blew up that night in Chicago. That's what a Deacon kiss in an elevator will do! She says she never wanted to drag him into this. He seems to like being dragged, though, as a general rule. Deacon asks Rayna how she's doing and she's not sure, other than to say that she's looking at a world of question marks and trying to take care of everybody and figure out where she stands in the middle of it all. Deacon tells her that it sure made for a pretty song, which is exactly the right thing to say. She puts her hand on his, and they look at each other in that way that they do. Rayna then she tells Deacon that she wants to do right by him. I guess that means no boning? God, this show is more depressing than Old Yeller.

Meanwhile, Avery returns the $25,000 guitar. He walks around to see if anything else "feels right," which I guess means that he's taking Watty's advice. I wish that maybe Watty had advised him to take a financial literacy course. And then Deacon returns home to find Emily waiting on his porch with a present from Juliette. It's a PUPPY. I hope that puppy will enjoy the shelter in a few months! No, just kidding, I'm sure that Deacon will be a great dog owner even if he claims that he doesn't want the dog. (Juliette had a premonition about this and Emily delivers her message, which is, "Shut up and take the dog.")

And then Coleman meets with Teddy. He says he's sorry to hear about Teddy and Rayna, and even though that's not why Teddy has invited him here he says that in days of yore he would have appreciated Cole's friendship and counsel. Cole declares that he's firmly Team Rayna. Even so, Teddy apologizes for how ugly the campaign got, you know, with how Cole was sham arrested and whatnot. Teddy has given this matter a lot of thought and offers Cole the position of deputy mayor. He's seen first hand how Lamar does business and wants no part of it personally or for his constituents. He's pretty sure that Cole feels the same way. Cole takes the position, I'm guessing because he knows that Teddy is going to get impeached for some scandal or other and/or be killed by Lamar, and he'll end up as mayor by default! Finally, a happy ending.

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