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Paradise by the Dashboard Light
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Previously on Nashville: Gunnar, Zoey and Avery maybe kind of formed a band. Lamar's death prompted Rayna to become even more torn up about her lying family. Gunnar told Will to uncomplicate his relationship with Layla. (Meaning, stop letting the girl unwittingly be your beard, fool!) Juliette received accolades from the New York Times, Deacon's Spidey-sense got all tingly when he saw Teddy and Megan together and Scarlett and Liam forged a romantic connection based on pills and loneliness.

It's morning at Rayna's house, and Luke is there making his mama's famous buttermilk pancakes. Since Rayna had no buttermilk, he combined milk and vinegar. Well, isn't he a regular Heloise? Rayna is quite impressed by his culinary skills, but Luke is less impressed with how she's handling her dad's death. Rayna assures him that she's totally fine, and actually relieved that Lamar's not around to cause any more damage. Always sentimental, that one. Luke regrets not being there for her during the whole thing, but she's glad enough that he didn't get to witness all the family drama. Still, like any human being who has a vague sense of how emotions work, Luke feels that Rayna needs some time to process. Nobody is fine after losing a parent, and he says her shoulders prove it. This of course is just an excuse to start giving her a massage. At this moment Bucky walks in (to a sarcastic, "Good timing there, Buck!" from Luke) to tell Rayna that there's been no word from Cadillac Three. Rayna really wants to sign them to Highway 65, but Big Machine (the label that releases the Nashville soundtracks) is in contention as well. As it turns out, there's another issue: the check for Scarlett's studio time bounced. Rayna is puzzled, and Luke notes that she might consider firing whoever's watching her books. That would, of course, be Tandy. Maybe she spent all of Rayna's money on the vending machine at that fleabag motel when she was hiding out from the FBI?

Meanwhile, Juliette is being heavily courted by all sorts of mainstream labels, who are sending her diamonds and fruit baskets and probably indentured servants to get her to sign with them. Glenn comes bearing coffee (see, Juliette doesn't really NEED another indentured servant), and we learn that Juliette's drink of choice is a half-caf soy latte. Fascinating character detail! Juliette wonders if they've heard anything from Big Machine (aside from their relentless promotion in this episode! Drink every time Big Machine is mentioned!), but Glenn says that Nashville labels still won't touch her. This is sad news, since Juliette isn't interested in putting out a big pop album on a major label -- she wants her next album to go to the top of the country charts. I thought her whole thing was that she's a pop crossover already? In any case, Glen agrees that the labels that are courting her won't give her the freedom she wants, but notes that their offers are only going to last for a hot minute. She'd better decide how much freedom is worth to her pretty quickly.

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