I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love with You)

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Back at the Bluebird, Watty compliments Scarlett and Gunnar on their open mic performance. He asks how long they've been together, and both of them jump back on the turnip truck for a moment to awkwardly tell him that they're not boyfriend-girlfriend. Watty has to explain that he was really asking how long they've been writing together, and Scarlett goes into her whole thing about how she's not a songwriter but rather a magical woodland creature who sits cross-legged atop a mushroom cap when not taking drink orders at the Bluebird. This does not deter Watty, who says that if they can get three songs together, he'll cut a demo for them himself. Gunnar is appropriately excited, and Watty tells him that he'll get where he's going, but can do it a hell of a lot faster with Scarlett and her cheekbones.

Meanwhile, Juliette begins her episode-long pattern of creepily showing up wherever Deacon is at the time. This time it's at the recording studio, and she starts by telling him that she left him a message, of which he seems fully unaware. Juliette wants to see if he'd like to finish "writing that song," now. In front of everybody in the studio? Deacon can't "finish the song" right now, since he's rehearsing with Rayna. Rayna shows up, and Juliette snits that Deacon was just telling her about their "little tour." You know, the one with acoustic guitars and the great songs that Rayna says will appeal to people who love "actual music." Both ladies do that southern thing where they smile at each other while trading barbs instead of being explicit and trying to rip one another's weaves off. As a Real Housewives fan, it throws me off a little. As Juliette leaves, she tosses a few bonus daggers by flirtatiously telling Deacon that if he changes his mind about joining her tour, the offer still stands. AND, she adds, they have to finish "writing that song." Rayna can't believe Juliette's nerve, and when Deacon tells her that they're just "writing a song," she points out that the two of them used to "write songs" together too. Deacon remembers well. Does everyone in Nashville use "writing that song" as a euphemism for sex? Is the whole town really just one big constant orgy, then?

We cut to Scarlett, heading home to her boyfriend Avery, who's on the phone. She wants to tell him about Watty's offer, but when she sees Avery's face and hears that the manager who was supposed to come see his band tonight bailed, she pulls back. Avery is clearly disappointed, but says that if it was easy to make it in the music business, everybody would be doing it. As he wishes for a break, Scarlett says that she forgot what it was she wanted to talk to him about. Maybe they should go "write a song" to boost everyone's spirits!

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