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Vulnerability Study

With that, we are at the house of mayoral candidate Coleman Carlisle. Rayna is there apologizing for not honoring her commitment to sing at his campaign announcement. She asks if he can shed some light on what her evil devil dad is up to with his evil evildoings. Coleman explains about the baseball stadium, which Lamar would like to build (and make oodles of money from, I'm guessing) but which Coleman thought was not the best use of the city's money. He said so in a Metro Council meeting, which pissed off Lamar, and thus you have Mayor Teddy. Rayna can't believe that, after all these years, their families are caught up in a political rivalry. Cole says that Lamar is starting to treat him like family, which, you may have gathered, is not necessarily a good thing. They end with talk about Teddy's fundraiser that night, which Rayna looks none too happy to have to attend.

Back at the Bluebird, Gunnar probes Scarlett for whether she's thought about Watty's offer, and also whether she'd like to sometime hang out outside of work. He does so in the most awkward manner possible, because that's all part of his charm. Scarlett then invites him to see Avery's band perform, which is not exaaaaactly what Gunnar had in mind.

And then we're at Teddy's fundraiser. Rayna of course looks beautiful, and gets to give Teddy a quick kiss before her sister hauls him off, doubtlessly to talk to some bigwig. She's then faced with a group of polished southern ladies of roughly her age, one of whom starts complaining about the traffic yesterday that was caused by some girl she's never heard of. The other two start gushing about Juliette, which leads Rayna to introduce herself and shake the hand of the first woman. All of these ladies are big fans of Rayna -- so big that the third one says that she should put out another album. This leads Rayna to explain that it's already out, and she finally excuses herself when one of the women asks if it's sold at Starbucks. How did we suddenly morph into an episode of GCB? Things go from bad to worse when Lamar catches Rayna and starts hissing in her ear. We learn that Cole more or less grew up with Rayna and her sister, and that Rayna thinks they all owe him an apology. She asks about the vulnerability study, which Lamar says is "insurance that our past transgressions won't become our undoing." He then harasses her for a while about having something to hide, and honestly never looks happier than when he's making her miserable. Rayna heads off to try to find somebody at the party who is not horrific.

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