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Vulnerability Study

We then cut to Deacon and Juliette co-writing. No ironic quotes! The song that they're working on is quite lovely, and though it seems like Deacon is doing all the heavy lifting at first, it turns out that Juliette actually can write. She adds the refrain, which has to do with how much harder it is to shine than to undermine. I guess that one comes directly out of personal experience. The song is so pretty, but undone a bit by her whiny voice. Why is it that she sounds so good on her supposedly crappy songs, and so annoying on this actually good song? The show is trying to keep us guessing, maybe? In any case, go enjoy the song as sung by its actual writers here. Once the song is finished, a mildly shocked Deacon says that she's really good at this. If he's that surprised, says Juliette, it's not much of a compliment. Oh God, get over your complex already! Everyone thinks that you suck in part because you suck! Juliette once again tries to put the soft sell on Deacon to come on tour with her, and he reiterates that he's going on tour with Rayna. She says that they're like an old married couple, but with all of the hassle and none of the benefits. Something tells me that Deacon is already aware of this. Juliette tells Deacon to focus on the present, and what his future holds. Like, her boobs. As she strips down and jumps in the water, Deacon calls himself a dead man.

We are then with Teddy and his campaign advisors, in the midst of his interview for the vulnerability study. The advisors note that Rayna is on the road a lot, and Teddy admits that it gets lonely for him and the girls. He denies ever having a girlfriend, or enjoying the services of hookers. And then it's time to talk about Teddy's real estate business. So, in 2007, Teddy's investment group purchased a $75 million tract of land along the Cumberland River, for a project called Cumberland Plaza Development. Teddy also served two terms on the board of the Music City Credit Union, which had a substantial investment in that project. Though Teddy says this isn't unusual, one of the advisors notes that he resigned from the board just before the Cumberland deal fell apart. Teddy insists that his resignation from the credit union had nothing to do with the Cumberland deal falling through. I don't understand why any of this is suspicious or problematic, which could be because I'm so bored by the conversation. Teddy needs a more accessible financial scandal!

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