I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love with You)

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Soon enough, we cut to Avery and his band playing at The Five Spot. And I know that all the other music dudes made fun of him for being such a hack last week, but Avery gets the last laugh because the song he's singing was written by Elvis Costello. I think his real problem is that he needs to move to Austin. Scarlett is really into the show, and less into it when another woman in the audience tries to hit on Avery. Avery in turn is not at all into learning from the same woman that she saw Scarlett and Gunnar (who is in attendance and apparently not enjoying himself all that much) perform at the Bluebird. He and Scarlett talk later, and he asks if writing with Gunnar means "writing" with Gunnar. He got the memo about this "writing a song" thing! Scarlett is absolutely shocked by this question, because when you live under a gerbera daisy in the forest nothing so scandalous ever crosses anybody's mind. Scarlett explains that Gunnar put one of her old poems to music, and she felt so silly when he dragged her onstage, and then "the Watty thing happened." Finally Scarlett has to admit that Watty offered to record their demo, and even though she tries to downplay its significance Avery knows better. He gives her a half-hearted "congratulations" as he goes to load the van, and Scarlett has only her ratty and poorly integrated hair extensions to comfort her.

Cut to Coleman confronting Lamar, apparently in Lamar's house. His office looks like it's right out of Clue. If I were Cole, I'd check for candlesticks before entering. Both Cole and his wife don't understand why Lamar is trying to sabotage Cole's shot at being mayor, and Lamar hisses out something about being disappointed to learn that he can't trust Cole. Cole notes that a difference of opinion does not necessarily lead to a loss of trust. Lamar has a difference of opinion on that particular matter. Cole has been with Lamar for ten years, and says that Lamar never believes himself to be wrong. If anyone finds evidence to the contrary, he says, they'd better watch their back. Lamar is basically like, "Yep." Cole says that loyalty is a one-way street with Lamar, and adds that whatever Lamar gives, he's going to get back. I hope Maddie is ready to meet her biological dad! Lamar has less of a "mwah ha ha!" face than usual, which leads me to believe he's concerned about this just a little bit.

Meanwhile, as Rayna, Deacon and Bucky have a friendly meeting, a courier comes in to deliver a guitar case with a bow on it. It's for Deacon, from Juliette, and the courier recommends insuring it for $50,000 as soon as possible. Rayna asks, "What. The hell. Is that." Poor Deacon can only stand there and look nervous. After Bucky leaves, he explains to Rayna that sometimes a guitar is just a guitar. Yeaaaaaaah, but this is not one of those times! Rayna wonders if it's a bribe to come on the tour. The answer to that is sort of a, "Yes PLUS." Deacon doesn't know what Juliette is thinking, and Rayna doesn't know what Deacon is thinking. He doesn't understand what the big deal is about co-writing one song with Juliette. Rayna gets quite agitated as she says that they're doing a show they haven't done in 15 years, and she needs him there with her, working on their songs. Deacon says that he's there, working, but Rayna yells that in fact he's running around with "Miss SparklyPants." More accurate: Miss NoPants. Rayna yells again that she's trying to figure out if they can even do these songs without completely humiliating themselves, and Deacon gets quite mad as he yells back that he plays these songs every third Thursday at the Bluebird. And Rayna would know that if she'd ever bothered to show up once in the last ten years. Ooooh, burn. Rayna yells (so much yelling!) that Deacon dare not act like she's not been there for him. And then she's not there for him, because she leaves in a huff. After she's gone Deacon shouts that if he wanted to fight like this, he'd have a damn girlfriend. Well, but couples fights are always about who left crumbs on the counter and which way the toilet paper roll should go and stuff. This one is actually much more exciting.

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