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Previously: Liam was about to whisk Rayna off to a super-hot, sex-filled bone fest in St. Lucia, but the rekindling of her long-tortured love with Deacon ruined everything. New Edgehill head Jeff Fordham successfully poached Will from Rayna's fledgling label, and pissed off Juliette by professing his love of bubblegum and glitter and signing reality show runner-up Layla Grant. Bucky suggested that Rayna protect her voice but she seemed more preoccupied with her label, and Deacon continued his status quo of being a tortured soul.

We enter the episode with a sweaty Deacon waking up with a scream. Scarlett rushes in and he says he's fine, he just rolled over on his busted hand. Scarlett offers him ice, Aspirin, and warm milk, and he yells that he's fine. He does ask for his Gibson, and Scarlett wonders if this is his idea of physical therapy. As he struggles to finger a chord, she reminds him that the kind of pain he has isn't right. In other words, GO BACK TO THE DOCTOR, YOU IDIOT. Deacon says that one of two things will happen: the pain will go away, or he'll get used to it. Either way, I'm sure he intends to continue being miserable.

Speaking of getting used to the pain, Teddy and Rayna are in a room with lawyers and finally signing their divorce papers. She looks rather matter of fact about the whole thing, while Teddy signs with a wince. He asks the lawyers to leave the room, and they discuss the girls for a minute before both agreeing that they never thought it would end like this. But they love their daughters, and Rayna tells Teddy that he's a good father and a good man. She wants him to be happy. He says, "You too," and exits the room. And now she can bone Liam without any remaining twinge of guilt…HOORAY! I do have to say, though, that I've warmed to Teddy in recent episodes even though he's going to fly his idiot flag again before this one is through.

We then cut to Layla Grant bursting, full of energy and compliments, into the lobby at Edgehill where Juliette sits and skulks. Layla still can't believe that they're on the same label, and neither can Juliette. Still full of youthful, shit-eating exuberance, Layla says that it was an honor to sing Juliette's song at Jeff's party, even though it was a bit nerve-wracking to have Juliette right there in the audience. Juliette hisses that it must take some of the pressure off to sing someone else's hits -- kind of like karaoke. Layla smiles it off and leaves, and when Glen gives her grief Juliette can't believe that he's buying the "fresh off the farm" act. Well, at one time he bought the "fresh off the trailer park" act.

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