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Back at the showcase, Zoey and Gunnar commiserate about their lousy dates. He asks if she wants to get out of there, and she says that's the best offer she's had all night. And THAT, my friends, is a girl-on-girl crime! You don't go off with your best friend's ex, and you most certainly don't give a seductive glance while you're at it.

Meanwhile, Liam and Rayna make a toast to talking up the label and keeping secrets safe. Just as they're enjoying their whiskey, Jeff asks for a moment alone with Rayna. He's pissed that she embarrassed him in front of stockholders. She says that she showed up and took the stage, and besides what's good for Highway 65 is good for Edgehill. She reminds Jeff that he said he was all about the future. But Jeff has a suspicious nature, and thinks there's more to it than that. Can she just not tell this dick that she's undergoing vocal therapy? She was in a coma for weeks! Deception and deceit, people. It is never the path of least resistance.

We're back in Maryland, where Juliette is wandering around the Wentworth mansion and trying to find her room. She maaaaaay be a little drunk. Okay, a lot drunk. Charles Wentworth runs into her and points out that her room is down on the right. He offers to escort her and she asks if it's a rough neighborhood. They link arms, and he thanks her for letting him play with the band. She tells him that he's not as bad as he thinks he is, and gives him a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10 as a guitar player. As a husband, though, she gives him a 10 and tells him that Olivia is a very lucky lady. Apparently he sees this remark as foreplay and plants a kiss on her. To her credit, Juliette is shocked and asks what he's doing. She says he has a wife, and he says that she has a boyfriend. She reminds him that Avery is NOT her boyfriend, and maybe not even her friend now that he's called her unattached and unavailable. I love that the concept of having a friend is so foreign and confusing to Juliette. In any case, Charles points out that they have something in common since he's about as unavailable as you can get. And then they make out all the way into her room. Just ONE TIME can she make a good choice?

Next week: Rayna breaks the news to Juliette that she's cancelling the tour. Juliette tries to save her career, while Rayna tries to save her family. Apparently the latter isn't going so well, since Maddie ran away.

Potes just released her own country-ish album, and would be delighted if Will covered one of her songs at the stockholders' showcase. You can listen/download/buy at

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