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It's time for Rayna to have a sit-down with Jeff, who wants to move past the kerfuffle over Will and focus on what's most important -- her career. She's glad to hear him say that, since she's going back in the studio with Liam to finish her album. Jeff is all for it, and says if she hurries and finishes it they can capitalize on "recent events" and make this the biggest launch in Edgehill history. She's offended and flattered all at once. Jeff suggests that the stockholders' showcase is the perfect time to build momentum by having her perform, and she looks a little taken aback. Rayna argues that it might be wise to hold out on performing the new songs, so Jeff suggests that she sing something that everyone knows the words to. She doesn't look enthused, but when Jeff asks if there's a problem she says there is not. EXCEPT FOR THE VERY DRAMATIC FACT THAT SHE LOST HER VOICE! Spoiler, but we've also known this from the previews for weeks.

And then we're at an AA meeting with Deacon. Coleman takes the seat next to him and notes that in AA you're supposed to call -- and not hide from -- your sponsor when you're in trouble. Deacon says he hasn't taken a drink or a pill since the accident, even though the pain from his busted hand is killing him. But the pain isn't the problem, says Cole -- it's how he's going to deal with "the Maddie thing." Deacon says emphatically that he does not need Coleman's help anymore, and Cole says that he's not going to get it. This is because Cole is being written off the show. I mean moving. He got a job offer out of town. But before he goes he'd like Deacon to know that the only way he can be a father is to deal with what his father did to him. Deacon then gets all rage-y and everyone else is a little taken aback at the chairs being thrown around in the back of the room. And then Deacon walks out of the room, telling Coleman, "ENOUGH." There are SO many therapies that Deacon needs to look into.

Will shines his brand new boots as he thinks about what song to perform at the showcase. And, surprise, he wants to try out Gunnar's brand new one. Gunnar balks, saying that he hasn't even played it out himself yet. Will notes that it's only one time, and plus the whole point of being a songwriter with a publishing deal is to get your songs out there for someone else to perform. Gunnar is a little testy about the whole thing, and says that Will wouldn't know since he's not a songwriter. What Will does know is a good song when he hears it, and when someone is getting in his own way.

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