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Meanwhile, Scarlett tells Zoey to be careful with ladies' man Will, and Zoey admits that Will asked her to be his date to the showcase. Though she declined, she did of course respond favorably to his suggestion that the three of them and Gunnar share a limo, which Scarlett sarcastically notes won't be weird at all. Zoey offers to call and change plans, but Scarlett says she can handle it. Scarlett then gets a call from Rayna and all we hear is, "…Yeah, I can keep a secret." Sounds like stockholders' showcase sabotage to me!

Juliette goes through her Wentworth party set list with the band, and Avery says he didn't know she was such a romantic. She admits that yes, she is very much in love with the $1 million they're paying her. But Avery thinks her happiness is still disproportionate to the payday, and Juliette reveals her real source of happiness -- sticking it to Jeff by not playing at the showcase. Avery warns her to be careful, since defiance can make you do stupid things. You know, like burn your masters and walk away from a six-figure contract. This bit of information makes Juliette like Avery even more. Charles Wentworth then shows up to plan his surprise appearance onstage, and Juliette basically tells him to do whatever he wants. He says to Juliette that Avery -- whom he calls "your boyfriend" -- has a little crush on his guitar, and Juliette tells him that Avery is not her boyfriend, he's just on the payroll. Avery of course overhears and looks hurt.

Meanwhile, Deacon has gone to see Teddy at his office. It's about Maddie, and though Teddy is clearly nervous that Deacon's going to make a bid for paternity, he's actually come to say that Teddy is Maddie's father, and a good one at that. Deacon says that he's not built to be a father, and wishes for Maddie that she never found out. He's sorry for any harm that he's caused to Maddie or Teddy. Teddy can't be nice to Deacon even one time, and asks if this is a 12-step making amends kind of deal. In response, Deacon just looks sad. Teddy says that it's not that easy, because unfortunately for everybody Maddie DOES know about Deacon, and now he has a responsibility to her. Maddie will never stop watching Deacon, and will make note of every choice he makes. Deacon walks out, saying that he appreciates Teddy seeing him. He also appreciates the choices that Teddy made back then, and adds that a lesser man might have done things differently. Teddy, who also can't take a compliment, says, "A lesser man did." Oy.

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