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Then it's time for the limo ride of awkwardness to the stockholders' showcase. Will first gets all "Will you be my beard" with Zoey, and then Gunnar's eyes pop out of his head when he sees Scarlett in four-inch heels with her boobs pushed up to her chin. He says, "I had no idea you could look that good." What he MEANS is, "You mean they didn't do ANYTHING to your scraggly weave?" SERIOUSLY. She thanks him for the compliment, after he confirms that it was indeed a compliment.

In Maryland, Juliette invites Mr. Charles "Hot Licks" Wentworth to the stage. I thought he was going to really stink it up or, like, open fire on the audience, but in fact he just stands there and plays the one chord he knows with some competence. We get a full Juliette song called "Trouble Is," which is quite enjoyable. Avery starts shredding on the guitar and when Juliette walks over to be stage-flirty with him he just glares in her direction.

And then it's time for the stockholders' showcase! It's no CMA Awards or Watty White tribute at the Ryman, but it does serve the function of getting most of our principal characters in one room and all dressed up. If there weren't so many industry parties, getting the gang together would be much more of a challenge. Jeff smiles with the country celebs, as Brent brings Will and Scarlett up for their photo op. Will is eating it up, though Scarlett looks a little uncomfortable still. Gunnar says to Zoey that this is the last they'll see of their dates tonight. Meanwhile, Rayna and Liam walk through the event with their tousled sex-hair, all aglow until they run into Jeff. He asks if they have an ETA on the album and Liam says it can't be rushed. Rayna claims to be at his mercy, and Jeff says he's just excited not only about the album, but to hear Rayna sing. He thanks her for making his night tonight. Okay, first of all, AS IF this guy likes country music. Second: best line ever: Liam says, "I thought you were going to make my night," and Rayna walks away while replying, "I already made your afternoon." MORE LIAM AND HIS SKINNY SCARVES! They make Rayna AND me so happy.

Compare this flirty bliss to Deacon, who got his doctor to come into the office at night after letting her know that he cut off his own cast. She's basically like WTF dude, and says that if he'd come to her sooner she would have given him something to manage the pain. Has he told her he's an addict? If yes, why is she still pushing drugs on him? Deacon says he thought he could push past the pain on his own, but that's not working. If she's still offering him help, he says, he'll take it. Likeā€¦pill help? Though I feel like an early 90s Steve Nicks-style Klonopin stupor might be just the ticket for this guy.

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